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in twisted English there is the term candystorm. The old green Volker Beck shaped it eight years ago, as the opposite of Shitstorm in social media, which unfortunately are often anti-social. I experienced such a Candystorm yesterday, but by email. Every minute I met sweets in a figurative sense: recognition, solidarity, friendly words. Apparently he had Friday dawn touched many readers, so that they felt compelled to assure me of their appreciation.

For three and a half years I touch the keys night after night and I am excited to see the reactions the next morning. But I have never seen such a warm wind as yesterday. That was nice. It showed me how many nice, empathic people there are who are interested in one another and have big hearts in their chests.

In these epidemic times you can sometimes feel quite alone, again and again I meet people with gloomy spirits. And again and again I have the experience that just a few words are enough to cheer someone up. A little friendliness does not cost anything, but is often more valuable than money or gold. And when enough people are friendly to one another, a strength arises that is stronger than iniquity, grief and exhaustion. Maybe even stronger than a virus. “If everyone helps to keep the sky high, nobody gets tired,” is an African proverb, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier quoted it yesterday as honoring citizens for their services in the pandemic. The winged word describes “in a wonderful way what solidarity is: when everyone sticks together.”

We need exactly this cohesion now a year after the outbreak of the corona crisis, where we are stumbling into the third and highest wave of infections. The situation is critical, let’s not kid ourselves. And crisis management is not good enough. It has to and it can get better – that’s what today’s podcast is about, which Marc Kr├╝ger has carefully composed again. In it, we examine the question of why the federal government is not doing a better job and shed light on ways to improve the situation. Please listen:

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Stronger grief exhaustion


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