Suez Canal blockade: container ship moves easily


Wind direction important

Several factors played a role in the maneuvers of the tugs to uncover, said Rabi, especially the wind direction and ebb and flow. It was a “complicated technical operation,” said Rabi. The USA and other countries offered help to Egypt. According to CNN television, the US Navy wanted to send a team of experts on Saturday to investigate the situation.

The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea and thus offers the shortest shipping route between Asia and Europe. Every year around 18,000 ships normally pass through the waterway. According to the alliance, around 13 percent of total world trade was carried through the canal in 2019, and some countries have already started sending the first ships on the detour around the Cape of Good Hope. According to the Hamburg shipping company Hapag-Lloyd, this will extend the journeys by around a week. At the same time, the waters off the coast of West Africa, especially in the Gulf of Guinea, are particularly dangerous because of possible pirate attacks.

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Suez Canal blockade container ship moves easily


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