Super Mario Bros. – possibly the most expensive video game of all time!


Super Mario Bros. – © Nintendo

On Super Mario Bros. Module for the very first Nintendo Console, known by the abbreviation NES has already reached a meteoric price at an auction. It could be the highest traded module of all time, because the auction is far from over!

Not a single piece

The game itself is actually nothing special due to the number of pieces produced and the many buyers. More than 40 million pieces of this module went over the counter (not counting re-releases here). It is therefore surprising that a module of which there is such an enormous number of pieces manages to achieve such a high sum. If you take a closer look at the module, you can see that it is one of the first pieces of the original to be produced Super Mario Bros. Module.

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Perhaps the most expensive video game ever

The current sum is an impressive 310,000 US dollars (over 260,000 euros). The auction is still going on for a good week. Therefore, reaching the highest total of all time should not even be scarce. So could this Super Mario Bros. Module, which has already reached a record sum, will be the most expensive video game of all time.

The current record holder

In comparison, the current record holder for the most expensive video game collectible is the prototype one Nintendo PlayStation Console. It is believed that only around 200 exist. Of these, probably only the one auctioned console is in a private household, which achieved a whopping 360,000 US dollars (over 300,000 euros).

We are curious to see how much the bidders will outbid each other and whether this will be Super Mario Bros. Module becomes the most expensive game ever. This timeless title would have deserved it.

More information about Super Mario titles

Whether there is a physical version of the soon-to-be-gone Super Mario 3D All-Stars will have so much value in 35 years? It is unlikely, but due to the fact that the title will disappear in a few days, it is entirely conceivable that certain pressings will gain special collector’s value.

Also the free online Battle Royale offshoot of the classic Super Mario Bros. 35 can only be played this week before it actually goes away forever.

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Super Mario Bros possibly expensive video game time


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