Suspected sex offender released from custody


A suspected sex offender was accidentally released from custody in London on Wednesday evening. The man was probably mistaken.

A suspected sex offender has been accidentally released from custody in London. The police are looking intensively for the 24-year-old, the authorities said on Saturday evening.

The man was probably mistaken, reported the newspaper “The Sun”. He was arrested on charges of sexual assault, public nuisance and drug possession in April 2020 and has been in custody in a London prison since then.

After his erroneous release on Wednesday evening, the man is now suspected to be in the west of the British capital. “This is terribly embarrassing”, quoted the “Sun” from security circles. “A well-known sex offender who has a habit of exposing himself in public does not portray us well. Such humiliation must never happen again.”

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Suspected sex offender released custody


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