SV Werder Bremen: Romano Schmid pushes a lot of Austrian frustration!


Bremen – Romano Schmid now knows the sayings of the teammates, their teasing and skeptical looks – after all, he has been reaping them for years every time he moves to a different club. It was no different at Werder Bremen after the new colleagues took a closer look during training and read this word on Schmid’s right shoe. “Magician” is written there. Yellow letters on a blue background, easy to overlook at first glance, but no less meaningful as a statement: Here comes someone who knows what he can do.

“Every time I join a new team, it is discussed first,” smiles Schmid, who a youth coach once called a magician. Since then, he has carried the word on his feet, knowing full well that this entails a certain height of fall, because, you have to be so honest: you did magic correctly Romano Schmid not yet since he closed in the summer Werder Bremen came. The performances of the 20-year-old in the past weeks and months have gradually given a foretaste of the fact that this man can still be very important for Bremen.

Werder Bremen: Romano Schmid has always played since December

The Austrian has made 16 appearances in his first Bundesliga season so far, starting ten times and being substituted on six times – he has always played since the tenth matchday at the beginning of December. However, Schmid does not yet see himself as a regular. “No, I wouldn’t say that,” he explains. Always one step at a time, just don’t get cocky, that’s how Schmid handles it after his difficult start Werder Bremen is now happy to have arrived in the Bundesliga. Three assists are already on the Grazer’s account, but the first goal of his own is still a long time coming. “I’m not putting too much pressure on myself,” assures Schmid, but is quite self-critical about the goallessness: “The fact is that I have to shoot more on goal. I have to improve and gather my courage more often. ”If that succeeds, it could also give the offensive player the attention he has been missing from Austria’s senior national coach Franco Foda.

Romano Schmid does not see Werder Bremen at their destination for a long time

For the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark, Schmid is only nominated on call – and he makes no secret of his disappointment. “There are 43 men in the squad and I’m only on call. I have to honestly say that I am disappointed, “emphasizes Schmid, who does not know why it was not enough for him to be nominated for the first time despite mostly good appearances at Werder:” Nobody spoke to me. “He will be on an international trip but go anyway. Romano Schmid is nominated for the U21 test matches against Saudi Arabia and Poland, which will be played in Spain. Austria did not qualify for the U21 European Championship. From a sporting point of view, things are only going to be significant for the 20-year-old this season Werder Bremen to – and he doesn’t see his team at the goal yet.

Werder Bremen will host VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday

“We can all read the table, and you can see that we haven’t finished yet,” says Schmid, who is with us Werder Bremen nine game days before the end, he has nine points ahead of the relegation place, but has the next really difficult task in front of his chest on Saturday: the third-placed VfL Wolfsburg will visit Bremen. For Schmid it will be the reunion with compatriot Xaver Schlager, with whom he was once under contract at RB Salzburg. “I am looking forward to meeting him. He’s a great guy and a footballer, ”says the Werder professional, who has a good chance of meeting Schlager on the pitch this time. During the 3: 5 defeat in the first leg, Schmid sat on the bench for 90 minutes on matchday nine – for the last time before he always got playing time. “Now I’m in the team and will give everything to keep it that way,” he says.

A positive side effect: colleagues are now making far fewer jokes about the word “magician” on Schmid’s right shoe, which is not so important to the man with the number 20 on his back. He says: “I don’t care. I’m going to do my thing and I won’t change that either. ”Quite determined, this magician … (dco)

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Werder Bremen Romano Schmid pushes lot Austrian frustration


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