Swing the mighty techno sword when Narita Boy upgrades PC and consoles


Team17 and Studio Koba today released Narita Boy, a neo-nostalgic “RetroVania” love letter to the 1980s, for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. In the role of the hero of the same name, Narita Boy takes players into the digital kingdom, where they must wield and master the trichroma techno sword against the evil of HIM and the Stallions, a rogue code that threatens the future of the kingdom. With classic adventure gameplay and a narrative that reveals the secrets and memories of the real creator of the kingdom, Narita Boy pays homage to a bygone but not forgotten digital age.

Key Features:

  • Go back to the future: Narita Boy pays homage to the 80s with a new spin on classic gameplay styles and takes players on a journey back in time.
  • You have the power! The techno sword can be used in conjunction with mysterious magic, allowing players to carve and blast their way through enemies large and small
    You can also jump: in the classic 2D platformer, players explore imaginative landscapes and navigate a variety of pixel art environments
  • Pixel Perfect Story: Meet crazy and wonderful digitized characters on a journey to discover the secrets of the digital kingdom and its elusive creator
  • Make the music louder: Inspired by the glory days of analog synthesizers, the pumping soundtrack of this techno journey turns back the clock.

Narita Boy is also the driving force behind “Saving The Arcade World,” a campaign launched by Team17 and Studio Koba to raise awareness of the need for arcade and arcade game preservation, in partnership with The Strong: National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, The National Videogame Museum in Great Britain and Arcade Vintage: Museo del Videojuego in Spain. For the past two months, royalties from sales of Saving The World, one of the titles from the original Narita Boy soundtrack, have gone into the campaign.

Eduardo Fornieles, Founder, Studio Koba, said:
“Narita Boy is here! It’s been with us for a long time, especially since we first showed it to the world in the Kickstarter campaign, and we’re thrilled that the rest of the world can finally experience the Retrovania adventure. It’s a real blow back in time and we look forward to seeing gamers young and old wield the techno sword to save the digital kingdom. It is a passionate project that builds on our love for the media from our youth, so it is very emotional to see the project come about that way. ”

Andy Kearney, Senior Producer, Team17 said:
“Working with Studio Koba to bring Narita Boy to life has been incredibly rewarding – development passed in a flash of neon and synthwave, to be honest! We are so happy with the adventure we have created and all that is left to do is put it in the hands of the players so they can experience the same sci-fi journey we all experienced . The support we’ve received has been incredible and we’re excited to finally be able to show the finished product. ”

For more information on Saving The Arcade World, please visit www.team17.com; share your arcade memories on social media using SavingTheArcadeWorld. To keep up to date with all the information about Narita Boy, please like Studio Koba on Facebook, follow the studio on Twitter and Instagram and join Team17 on Discord.

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Swing mighty techno sword Narita Boy upgrades consoles


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