Swipes against Dieter Bohlen – fans criticize Thomas Gottschalk


For the first time in the history of the show, DSDS took place without Dieter Bohlen. After his RTL-Aus the Poptitan had canceled the live shows due to illness. Thomas Gottschalk stepped in for him – but both did not get off really well on Saturday evening.

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Dieter Bohlen was the head of the jury for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” for almost 20 years. For many, the casting show was hard to imagine without him. All the more surprising was the announcement on March 11th that RTL is separating from the music producer. With the live shows for the semi-finals and finals, his time at the jury should end. But the 67-year-old chose another exit and canceled his appearances at short notice due to illness.

But there was the first swipe from Oliver Geissen right at the beginning of the broadcast on Saturday evening. “There is life after Camp David”, the moderator teased with reference to Bohlen’s choice of outfits for many years and announced the replacement for the pop titan no less provocatively: “Here is the Titan, here is Thomas Gottschalk!”

“Titans can fall too”

The “Wetten, dass ..?” Legend jumped in spontaneously and stepped onto the stage in the usual showmaster manner. While Maite Kelly and Mike Singer immediately took their place on the jury, Gottschalk started the monologue right away – and couldn’t help but say something in the direction of Bohlen. “Titans can fall too – and that happened to Dieter,” he explained and then addressed himself directly to his predecessor: “Of course we wish him to get up quickly,” said the entertainer.

That would distinguish “titans” after all, “when they are on the ground, they get up again. And of course the titans stick together, especially when there are only three of them. Oli Kahn works on the legacy of Uli HoeneƟ and I have from.” Dieter inherited the show. Live TV on Saturday evening, that’s just made for me, “mused Gottschalk, before reluctantly handing the moderation back to Oli Geissen. “You can be happy that I was still at the warm-up, because once I’m inside, nobody can get me off the stage. But I have my seat back there,” said the new juror after his speech .

“DSDS has become a talk show”

But Gottschalk’s urge to speak did not decrease even afterwards. He would rather ask questions and engage in conversation with the semi-finalists than judge them. He sees his task less in evaluating the candidates than in “encouraging them and explaining what to expect”. He himself knows that “there is a lot of grumbling” and has often “been the victim of criticism” himself, said the 70-year-old, who only recently joined the company Racism allegations due to a controversial statement in the WDR talk show “The last instance”.

The appearances of the semi-finalists almost took a back seat – much to the annoyance of many viewers. The negative posts increased on Twitter, and Gottschalk received almost exclusively criticism for his one-man show. “Thomas chatters DSDS broken” or “DSDS has become a talk show”, complained the users. One blasphemed: “The 90s called and want their primetime show back” and was not the only one who found the TV veteran ‘s appearance old-fashioned and outdated.

Is DSDS about to end without Dieter Bohlen?

Overall, the verdict for the first show without Dieter Bohlen was mostly bad. “The show was just garbage today” or “This is how you can ruin a show” were just a few of the many derogatory opinions. The pop titan was sorely missed by Twitter users, many are even convinced that DSDS has no future without him and is facing its final end.

Just before the broadcast had turned out Dieter Bohlen first expressed himself via Instagram after his DSDS and “super talent”. He was “very satisfied with the situation” and had “received a lot of offers”, emphasized the 67-year-old in a video and assured his fans: “I’m planning big things! You will hear from me.”

His TV end does not seem to be sealed yet, even if a return to DSDS is unlikely. The casting show ended on Saturday evening for five of the nine semi-finalists: Daniel, Michelle, Daniele, Pia-Sophie and Jan. Jan-Marten, Karl, Starian and Kevin made it into the grand finale. Next Saturday it will be decided which of them will be Germany’s next superstar.

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Swipes Dieter Bohlen fans criticize Thomas Gottschalk


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