Switch Pro: Release 2021 with larger display – leak annoys Nintendo


News about Switch Pro – according to a recent leak, Nintendo is planning to release the console in 2021. Information about a larger OLED display has also been leaked.

Kyōto, Japan – For years fans, insiders and analysts have asked themselves the same question: is it coming or not? It will surely come, the only question is when. We are of course talking about the Nintendo Switch Pro, the alleged successor or improved model of the current Nintendo Switch. Already since 2019 It is believed that the Switch Pro will appear soon, but rumors of an actual and imminent release.

Console name Nintendo Switch Pro/Nintendo Super Switch (unbestätigt)
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Hybrid game console (unconfirmed)
Generation 9. Console generation
Storage medium unknown
Release 2021 (unconfirmed)

Switch Pro: First leaks on technology and hardware as early as August 2020

The rumor mill was once again properly fueled and by none other than Bloomberg-Reporter Takashi Mochizuki. He had already predicted in August 2020 that Nintendo would release a new update model for the Nintendo Switch, the legendary Switch Pro, in 2021. Even then, Mochizuki wanted to know about various features of the console. He announced that fans can look forward to 4K support and an OLED display. Dataminers also found evidence of these features in January 2021.

Apparently Mochizuki is fine with it Nintendo employees networked, because now he has published a new article regarding the Switch Pro. In this Mochizuki writes again that fans are on a OLED-Display and 4K support will be happy, but will actually be a little more concrete. Because according to his own information, Nintendo internals have revealed to him that Nintendo Samsung is already using the Production of the OLED screens has commissioned. The latter are, according to one Tweet from Mochizuki, currently probably particularly cheap, as it is a Oversupply in the market there. This could be one of the reasons why Nintendo is choosing OLED displays.

Switch Pro: mass production should start in June – release in 2021?

So should Samsung Display Co.start mass production of 7-inch OLED panels with a resolution of 720p as early as June and reach an initial monthly target of just under one million units. The displays are expected to be delivered to fitters in July.“Officials from Samsung or Nintendo declined to comment to Bloomberg. However, since this is not the first time that Mochizuki has published these details about the Switch Pro and his statements have not changed since then, but actually confirmed, it could well be that Nintendo actually does the Release the ominous Switch Pro for 2021 plans. With the Production from June It also seems likely that the console will go on sale around Christmas time, maybe even together with Zelda Breath of the Wild 2?

Switch Pro: console with larger OLED screen confirmed? Release 2021

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Nintendo is not necessarily under pressure to bring a new console onto the market – after all, the Switch sells better than ever before – an improved Switch console would definitely make sense. After all, Nintendo could well keep up with the big players Sony and Microsoft, even if the Switch supports 4K, as well as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. With the brand new ones Next-Gen Konsolen Sales of the Switch could eventually deteriorate again as soon as the availability of PS5 and Xbox Series X is higher.

What do you think of a bigger OLED display for the Nintendo Switch Pro? Do you think the console will be released this year?

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Switch Pro Release larger display leak annoys Nintendo


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