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Takeover at FC Basel? David Degen with a purchase offer – legal dispute threatens


It is Wednesday when David Degen leaves his car in Pratteln BL in front of Bernhard Burgener’s headquarters and is photographed. “Is Degen buying FC Basel here?” Headlines And on Instagram Degen writes: “I will do everything I can to get FCB back to old strength.”

David Degen exercised his right of first refusal and submitted an offer to buy FC Basel for CHF 16.4 million. Is he taking over the club now? It is not that easy. On Monday, the holding’s board of directors, together with the two Burgener confidants Karli Odermatt and Peter von Büren, decided on the offer – the board members Burgener and Degen would have to go on strike because of bias, it said. But in this point there are – as in x other points – different legal interpretations. And thus a number of possibilities how things could go on at FCB. BLICK explains it.

Published: 25.03.2021, 5:03 p.m.

Last updated: 25.03.2021, 5:06 p.m.

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Takeover Basel David Degen purchase offer legal dispute threatens


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