Talk with the Migros boss: “We’re not forcing anyone to buy strawberries in March”



Why are there still plastic bags in the fruit department? Does Migros sell other company subsidiaries after Globus & Co.? Migros boss Fabrice Zumbrunnen answered questions from the community for 20 minutes. The highlights.

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The full-length interview with Migros boss Fabrice Zumbrunnen.

20min / T. El Sayed

  • Migros boss Fabrice Zumbrunnen answered questions from the community.

  • Zumbrunnen visited 20 minutes as part of the “Live from the executive office” series.

  • You can see the most important questions and answers here in the videos.

Migros’ business flourished in the Corona crisis. The retailer experienced an online boom, achieved record sales and increased profits sharply, as it was said on Tuesday morning at the cooperative’s annual media conference.

20 minutes met the Migros boss Fabrice Zumbrunnen for a talk on the 21st floor of the Migros headquarters on Limmatplatz in Zurich. As part of the “Live from the executive office” series, he commented on questions from the 20-minute community. The interview took place under the corona protective measures including a plexiglass pane.

You can see the most important questions and answers from the live chat here in the videos:

“When things get complex, I want to feel the people”

How does the Migros boss experience the view of Zurich from the 21st floor of Migros headquarters? Usually he doesn’t have time to enjoy them. He currently leads Migros mainly with video conferences, but physical contact is easier with complex topics.

“Our protection concepts have proven themselves”

Will Migros only allow vaccinated people to shop and attend the club school in the future? Zumbrunnen advocates voluntariness.

“With the portfolio streamlining, we have defined a clear path”

Is Migros planning further sales after the separation of Globus, Glattzentrum, Interio & Co.? “No,” says Migros boss Zumbrunnen, “the cleanup is behind us.”

“I am a meat eater and I know what that means in concrete terms”

Why does Migros sell strawberries from Spain? Zumbrunnen believes that customers should be able to make their own decisions. “We’re not forcing anyone to buy strawberries in March,” says the Migros boss.

“The ecological balance of the plastic bags is not that bad”

Why are there still free plastic bags in Migros’ vegetable and fruit department? Zumbrunnen refers to the veggie bags, which means that plastic bags are less and less used.

“It is up to us to find new ways without forgetting the values ​​of Gottlieb Duttweiler”

What would the Migros founder think of today’s Migros? Zumbrunnen received feedback from many customers every week about what Gottlieb Duttweiler would think.

Fabrice Zumbrunnen has been CEO of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives since January 1, 2018. The 51-year-old Swiss started working for the retailer in 1996 with the orange M – in the sales department of Migros Neuchâtel-Freiburg. Before that, Zumbrunnen was with arch rivals for a short time: in 1993 and 1994 he ran a Coop branch in his native La Chaux-de-Fonds. He lives in NE, is married and has two children.

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Talk Migros boss forcing buy strawberries March


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