Tande continues in a coma: Ski jumper should be woken up today


Stable body functions, a good response to treatment and satisfactory new examinations the evening before would mean that the 27-year-old could gradually be brought out of the coma, it said. Tande will continue to be treated in the university hospital in Ljubljana, Norway’s sports director Clas Brede Braathen will be with him.

Bad fall in Planica

Tande got into trouble during the trial run on Thursday and hit the front of the huge facility in Planica with his body. He suffered a broken collarbone and a slight puncture of the lungs. In the hospital he was “intubated and mechanically ventilated”, on Friday night he was in an artificial coma to relieve his brain.


Planica’s ski flying was overshadowed by Tande’s horror fall.

Tande after Planica fall in artificial deep sleep

Michael Hayböck narrowly missed the podium in fourth place at the start of the Ski Flying World Cup finals in Planica, just like at the World Championships. The victory went to the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi. Daniel …

Norway’s head coach Alexander Stöckl was confident that the athlete will be completely healthy again. It is currently assumed that no damage will remain. “The first examinations did not reveal anything negative. They did a brain scan and checked the neck. There is nothing to report, that is very positive. Today we had the positive report that he has already started to breathe himself,” he said Tyrolean Stöckl.

Tande “too offensive in flight phase”

The athlete himself was to blame for the fall. “We analyzed the video. It was his own mistake,” said the 47-year-old. “He was too aggressive in the first flight phase”, added Stöckl and explained: “He got wide on his skis relatively quickly and then leaned a little on the air. Then he lost contact with the skis. You can do that actually find nothing, except your own fault. ”

Horror fall from Tande in Planica


Planica’s ski flying was overshadowed by Tande’s horror fall.

As serious as the fall was, the emergency response to keep Tande alive after the serious incident on the hill was successful. The shocked Norwegian delegation expressly thanked them. Braathen described the first aid at the huge facility in the “Valley of the Schanzen” as “highly professional”.

“Danger of Ski Flying”

According to Alexander Pointner, dangerous weather conditions or the condition of the hill were not to blame for the fall of the Olympic champion. “That is the danger of skiing,” said the former successful coach of the Austrians at Eurosport. Even small mistakes would have a more serious effect in ski flying than in ski jumping due to higher speeds, stronger air forces and higher flight curves. A certain residual risk can therefore never be ruled out despite increasing security in recent years, emphasized the Tyrolean. “Ski flying can look so easy and aesthetic. But when mistakes happen, it can end dramatically,” explained Pointner.

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Tande continues coma Ski jumper woken today


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