Tande: Ski jumper had to be put into a coma: wake-up process initiated – association gives further update


Bad fall while ski flying: Daniel Andre Tande had a hard fall and had to be put into an artificial coma. Now the Norwegian Ski Association has given another update.

Update from March 28, 2021, 1:16 p.m .: Take a sigh of relief at the Norwegian Ski Association. After the bad fall of ski jumper Daniel André Tande and the subsequent transfer into an artificial coma, there is now positive news. On the one hand, the wake-up process could be initiated on Saturday as planned. Here, however, the ski association emphasized in a message that this process would take a certain amount of time and that one would still have to be very patient.

On the other hand, Norway’s national coach Alexander Stöckl made hope that Tande could possibly get away without permanent damage.

Tande in a coma – Norway boss gives an update on the state of health and the cause of the fall

Update from March 27th, 9:25 am: Daniel André Tande was also in an artificial coma throughout Friday. The 27-year-old, who fell badly while ski flying in Planica on Thursday and then had to be resuscitated, can now breathe independently again. This was confirmed by the trainer of the Norwegian ski jumping team Alexander Stöckl. “The first tests did not reveal anything negative. They did a brain scan and checked the neck. There is nothing to report, that is very positive, ”the Austrian reported to the on Friday dpa.

The 47-year-old also commented on the circumstances that led to the fall of his protégé. “He got wide on his skis relatively quickly and then leaned a little on the air. Then he lost contact with the skis. You can’t really find anything there, except your own fault, ”said the coach’s analysis. According to information from the Norwegian Ski Association, Tande, who is being treated in the Ljubljana hospital, will be awakened from his artificial coma on Saturday.

Ski flying: Horror fall by Daniel Andre Tande – helicopter takes him to the hospital.

Planica – Nobody wants to see these pictures – but unfortunately it cannot be prevented. This time it got Daniel Andre Tande. The Norwegian had a serious fall while ski flying in Planica. Tande lost control in the middle of the jump and hit the icy slope after 78 meters with full force. Then he slid motionless into the run. After the first emergency treatment, Tande was brought to the hospital by helicopter.

Ski flying: Daniel Andre Tande falls badly and has to be resuscitated

The 27-year-old was “intubated and mechanically ventilated” in a trial run on Thursday after a violent impact. He was now in an artificial coma in Ljubljana overnight to relieve his brain. The doctors hope to be able to announce positive news about the state of health after further tests on Friday afternoon.

How things will go with Tande, whether and what damage could remain in the long term and what other injuries he sustained in addition to a broken collarbone, was initially open. “There are more important things than a podium. Sometimes you can be happy when you land on both feet, ”said the dismayed German top athlete Karl Geiger. The Allgäu, who followed Tande as flight world champion in December 2020, was on Thursday directly after the seriously fallen Norwegian – and experienced difficult moments.

Image of horror: Daniel Andre Tande hit the slope with his neck.

© GEPA pictures/ Christian Walgram/imago-images

Daniel Andre Tande: DSV ace Geiger describes terrible details

“I wanted to know what was going on right away. So they said: You don’t yet know whether he will survive. Then I swallowed quite a bit, “said Geiger: “He’s such a nice guy. I suffered too, it’s tragic. I hope that he is back among the living and does not suffer any permanent damage. ”The emergency operation to keep Tande alive after the serious incident at the ski jumping hill ended successfully. The shocked Norwegian delegation expressly thanked them. Sports director Clas Brede Braathen described the first aid at the huge facility in the “Valley of the Jumps” as “highly professional”.

While the next individual will be jumped on the hill on Friday, further tests are scheduled for Tande in the clinic in the Slovenian capital. “The first tests are very promising. Now we wait 24 hours until the tests are repeated ”, chief doctor Tomislav Mirkovic was quoted by the FIS World Ski Federation on Thursday evening. The German DSV aces Markus Eisenbichler in second and Karl Geiger in third completed the podium behind the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi. But that was a minor matter on this terrible Thursday. (ck / dpa)

Rubriclistenbild: © Milos Vujinovic / imago-images

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