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It can do more than a framework story in a crime thriller. In her private life, however, she can frame very well …

Christina Scherrer (33) returns four years after her premiere as Vienna’s “Tatort” assistant Meret Schande with the current episode (“Die Amme”, ARD, Sunday, March 28th, 8:15 pm).

Now she has a permanent place in the popular team with Harald Krassnitzer (60, Moritz Eisner) and Adele Neuhauser (62, Bibi Fellner). Krassnitzer to BILD: “It becomes our right and left hand.”

New team (from left): Harald Krassnitzer, Adele Neuhauser, Christina Scherrer and Günter FranzmeierPhoto: ARD Degeto / ORF / Prisma Film / Petro

Your way to the “Tatort” assistant Meret Schande?

Scherrer: “As a teenager, when I was 13 or 14, I knew that the stage was for me. I wanted to be an opera singer. ”She trained in musicals, played“ Snow White ”and“ Little Witch ”on stages – and is currently a hobby carpenter.

“When the size of the city and the current situation rob me of too much energy in Vienna, I am drawn to my parents in my small home village in Upper Austria. Others learn foreign languages ​​during this sluggish time. I now love to saw and hammer and build picture frames or frames for balcony beds. It’s still a hobby. But maybe it will still be my part-time job. Most of them I give away. “

Now murderers are being hunted …

Incidentally, fans of the Viennese “Tatort” shouldn’t be surprised: Scherrer won’t be there for the next case. “But that’s only because the cases are not broadcast chronologically after our shoots.”

The future next to Bibi and Moritz belongs to the new assistant. And this line-up is not a “disgrace” …

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Tatort Christina Scherrer member investigative team


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