Tatort from Vienna turns into a nightmare – also affects actress


“Tatort” (ARD): The case from Vienna turns into a nightmare – and does not leave even the actress indifferent

Crime scene: These are the most famous teams of investigators

The crime series “Tatort” has been thrilling German TV viewers for decades. On Sundays at 8:15 p.m., different teams of police officers solve murder cases on ARD. 22 teams of investigators are currently investigating in 20 German cities, as well as in Vienna and Zurich. We introduce you to the most famous current line-ups.

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The joy of a new “crime scene“From Vienna is with them ARD-The viewers are great – but they should have strong nerves on Sunday evening.

Because the Viennese “crime scene“Has a charming dialect, but otherwise pretty gloomy. Also “crime scene“Actress Adele Neuhauser did not leave the case indifferent.

“Tatort” (ARD) from Vienna turns into a horror trip

In “The Nurse”, the new “crime scene“From Vienna, Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer) and Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser) initially only deal with an unknown corpse.

But when the dead woman turns out to be a prostitute and it becomes clear that someone has kidnapped her young son, it is only the beginning of a cinematic nightmare.


This is the “crime scene”:

  • The “Tatort” is a crime film series that began broadcasting on West German television in 1970
  • So far, more than 1100 “Tatort” films have been released
  • In the first few years there was an average of one new film per month
  • The frequency of first-time broadcasts increased from the early 1990s and is now around 35 per year
  • The films are available in the ARD media library


The subsequent search for a murderer who kills in women’s clothes and kidnaps small children even causes insomnia for Inspector Fellner – a problem that actress Adele Neuhauser is also familiar with.

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“Tatort” (ARD): “I always tell myself it’s just a film ‘”

“In fact, I also had problems falling asleep and everything I’ve tried so far has not helped me. Sleep tea, valerian, don’t eat anything in the evening … all pointless, ”explains the 62-year-old in an interview with ARD.

She had even bought sleeping pills, like her character Fellner, but then didn’t dare to take them. At some point falling asleep got better again.


More “crime scene” topics:


But insomnia is not the only circumstance that “Tatort” figure Fellner has to deal with in the new case – the commissioner even ends up in the intensive care unit. Not an easy filming location for actress Adele Neuhauser, as she admits: “Of course the worst thoughts shoot through your head in situations like this, but I always tell myself it’s ‘just’ a film.”

You can watch the “Tatort” from Vienna on Sunday at 8.15 p.m. on ARD or in the media library. (kv)

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Tatort Vienna turns nightmare affects actress


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