Telegram is copying Clubhouse with this new feature


With the latest update, Telegram has built in an audio chat function for channels and groups. The aim is to compete with the Clubhouse app, which became a hype a few weeks ago.

The “Sprachchats 2.0” function allows the administrators of the groups to add participants to a discussion. All other members of the group can only listen. If you want to contribute, you can virtually “raise your hand”.

Millions of listeners

The number of participants is not limited. As Telegram announced in a blog entry, millions of people can listen to the conversations.

The voice chats can only be hosted by the administrators of a group or a channel. You give the voice chat a title that indicates the topic. Afterwards, invitation links can be sent to listeners and separate links to speakers.

Conversations to listen to

The organizers can also record the conversations and then make them available as a file for listening to. A red light next to the title of the voice chat shows whether a conversation is being recorded.

Listeners have the opportunity to listen to these often very long voice messages in several stages. The app remembers where you paused and you can continue listening there the next time. That was not possible before.

Clubhouse only for iOS

Clubhouse is currently available exclusively to iPhone owners. However, the developers are already working on an Android version. Telegram could now use this to offer Android users the functions of the “live podcast”. If you cannot find the voice chats in the Telegram app yet, you should check the respective app store to see whether the latest update has already been installed.

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Telegram copying Clubhouse feature


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