Tesla shares in red: US authorities complain of violations of labor law – factory in Brandenburg threatened with water problems | 03/26/21


Electric car maker Tesla has been held accountable for an anti-union tweet from its boss Elon Musk and other labor law violations in the United States.

In a ruling published on Thursday (local time), the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that the dismissal of an employee who campaigned for the formation of a union was illegal.

Tesla must compensate the man for any loss of income and offer to hire him again. The agency also ordered Musk to delete a 2018 tweet. According to the NLRB, the Tesla boss illegally threatened employees with losing stock options if they were unionized. There were initially no comments from Tesla and Musk. The group has so far denied misconduct.

Tesla factory in Brandenburg threatens significant water problems

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla apparently has to prepare for significant problems with the water supply for its factory in Brandenburg. “We’re not anti-Tesla, but we technically have to ensure that the company has the necessary amount water can be supplied. And we can currently only guarantee that for the start of production in the summer, “said the head of the responsible water association Strausberg-Erkner (WSE), André Bähler, the Handelsblatt.

Tesla has registered a requirement of 1.4 million cubic meters of water per year for the first expansion stage of its first gigafactory in Europe. That already corresponds to the water requirements of a 40,000-inhabitant city, explained Bähler. “We can’t just supply Tesla with more water, then the entire supply system for 170,000 people in the region will collapse.” With the permit now available, “further expansion stages could neither be served with fresh water nor do we have enough capacity for the wastewater”, emphasized Bähler. “We are talking about the supply of drinking water, not about the production of soft ice cream,” emphasized Bähler.

The head of the association sees the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment as responsible for the issue. “For a year and a half we have been pointing out the problem to the state government. But nothing is happening,” said Bähler. Instead, it is said again and again that water supply is a communal matter. “That’s not how you make infrastructure policy.” From Bähler’s point of view, there are two ways of dealing with the dilemma: Either the state authorizes the treatment of larger quantities of groundwater. Or the country takes care of which region additional water could come from.

The Tesla share temporarily lost 3.20 percent on the NASDAQ to 619.88 US dollars.


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Tesla shares red authorities complain violations labor law factory Brandenburg threatened water problems


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