Test first, then shop: from Monday also allowed in Dorsten


In addition to the new Corona Protection Ordinance, which provides for a return to strict lockdown on three working days in the event of a weekly incidence of more than 100, the Recklinghausen district has issued a general decree. This makes it possible that the current openings can be retained from Monday (March 29). However, the prerequisite is that customers or visitors can present a negative test result that is updated daily.

The district is making use of the option offered in the country’s new Corona Protection Ordinance: Instead of closing, tests should provide the necessary security. The Ministry of Health in Düsseldorf on Saturday (March 27th) declared its agreement with the general decree of the district, which will come into force on Monday together with the new Corona Protection Ordinance.

“In the Recklinghausen district, we were able to set up a broad and comprehensive range of rapid tests within a very short time. More than 200 test sites have now been approved. This is the only way that we can rely on the test option instead of pulling the emergency brake, which would have forced retailers and service providers in particular to close again, ”says District Administrator Bodo Klimpel. “I would like to thank all pharmacies, doctors, private providers and of course the aid organizations for their support and great commitment.”

What will change for citizens from Monday:

From Monday, the operation of cultural sites such as museums, the sale of goods in retail and body-friendly services are possible by appointment with the possibility of traceability and a negative quick test of the customer. The test must not be older than 24 hours. Everyday shops such as grocery stores, drug stores and the like remain open and are not affected by these regulations. The same applies to hairdressers.

The other requirements of the new Corona Protection Ordinance will also come into force on Monday. There is then another contact restriction in the public space in the district area. A maximum of one household plus one additional person may meet – children under 14 years of age are excluded. The state has set another exception for the Easter days: From April 1st to 5th, even with an incidence of more than 100, two households with a maximum of 5 people are permitted.

“So it still depends on each individual. Please adhere to the existing regulations, wear medical masks, keep your distance and use the test facilities, ”appeals District Administrator Klimpel.

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Test shop Monday allowed Dorsten


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