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Nurse sounds like care. She is a woman who breastfeeds and looks after a child. The wet nurse in the Viennese “Tatort” episode of the same name, on the other hand, is a monster – and a man.

Two murders and two missing children keep Lieutenant Colonel Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer) and Major Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser) in suspense. So much so that Fellner couldn’t shut his eyes because of the tension and exhaustion. She is in a bad mood. “Nobody can help if you can’t sleep,” she is grumbled by colleague Eisner. But its initially hard tone becomes softer and softer. In the end, Eisner cries on a hospital bed.

>> Tatort: ​​TV overview – when and where is which episode in the program? << The “Tatort” from Vienna (“The Nurse”, Sunday, 8.15 p.m., Das Erste) is very gloomy this time. And the question of the perpetrator is superfluous for the audience. It soon becomes clear that the seedy and double-faced Janko (Max Mayer) stabbed two casual prostitutes and kidnapped their little sons. He murders in women's clothes; in women's clothes, the drug addict psychopath tries to be a kind of mother for the children who are chained to the bed. The ten year old boys experience a nightmare. Your life seems to be in danger. At least Eisner and Fellner assume that their investigations are a race against time. The trailer is available here:


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“Tatort” from Vienna: Christina Scherrer as Meret Schande’s new assistant

This time the two are supported by a new assistant. Meret Schande (Christina Scherrer) replaces Manfred Schimpf alias Thomas Stipsits. The yoga-enthusiastic actress is a diligent colleague who can also cope with rude criticism. The somewhat weird, humorous nature of Stipsits does not envisage her role.

>> Crime scene commissioners: The current investigative teams of the crime series in the first << For Krassnitzer the episode is already the 50th assignment as Moritz Eisner. No Viennese investigator has held out that long. "What began with Sturm und Drang and a certain gruffness has developed into a sedate with a somewhat calmer and clearer style," says the actor in an interview with ARD. One of the small challenges of this production was the scenes filmed on the roof of the Federal Criminal Police Office with his boss Ernst Rauter (Hubert Kramar). Because smoking is forbidden in the building, you have to go there. "What he is holding in his hand is a herbal cigarette that always annoys us terribly because it smells like a pig," said Krassnitzer. >> “Tatort” review: That’s how “Below” was from Vienna << The fear for the young is likely to captivate many thanks to Markus Kienzl's music. Care was taken to ensure that the apartments serving as prison exude maximum joylessness. Eisner and Fellner are getting closer and closer to the perpetrator, but even important information from a surviving victim does not bring a real breakthrough. After all, the chance observation of a witness must help. It comes to a bloody showdown.

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