That was really how bad it was for Sebastiaan Bornauw


Sebastiaan Bornauw is now on the mend. The operation of the FC professional was more dramatic than initially known. His life was in danger, he says in the new episode “24/7”.

For weeks, Sebastiaan Bornauw dragged himself through the games of 1. FC Köln with back problems. It was only when the pain before the duel against Arminia Bielefeld on January 31st became so severe that the defender couldn’t even sleep that the 22-year-old pulled the rip cord. “That was the sign for me to quit. If I can no longer sleep, then it makes no sense to continue playing football,” said the central defender in the latest episode of the club’s own documentary “FC 24/7”.

“My body temperature rose by one degree per minute”

What only came out now: Bornauw was far worse than the diagnosis suggested ossification of the spine. The doctors found a so-called osteoid osteoma, a benign bone tumor on the spine that had to be surgically removed. The fact that the procedure had to be stopped due to an allergic reaction to the anesthetic became public soon. Now the Belgian declared that the demolition was far more dramatic than initially assumed.

“The doctors had to put me into an artificial coma for 24 hours. 20 years ago I would have died 90 percent,” said the defender. “The doctors told me my body temperature rose by one degree per minute. If you hadn’t responded within a few minutes, I would have exploded.”

In the meantime, Sebastiaan Bornauw is doing much better again. One and a half weeks after this incident, the operation could be rescheduled – this time without complications. “That could have turned out much worse. The doctors reacted great and did a good job. Now I feel good,” said Bornauw, who is now back in Cologne and is completing his rehab program at the Geißbockheim.

It is still uncertain when the Cologne defense chief will be able to start team training again. Although the healing process is proceeding according to plan, the player should not yet fully stress himself.

A game against VfL Wolfsburg after the upcoming international break will probably come too early. The goal is the subsequent key game in the relegation battle against 1. FSV Mainz 05. Bornauw was optimistic that he would be back on the pitch soon: “I don’t look at the calendar, but from day to day, to get as quickly as possible to come back. But knowing myself it won’t be long. ”

Sonja Eich has been writing for GEISSBLOG.KOELN since 2016. The independent online newspaper informs the fans of 1. FC Köln about everything to do with billy goats. Eich is a graduate of the Sports University in Cologne. Born in Cologne, she has been working as a sports reporter since she was a student.

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