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It was a day of long meetings – and in the end many questions remained unanswered. After the Berlin Senate met for more than five hours on Saturday and the three chairmen of the body, the Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) and his deputies: Ramona Pop (Greens) and Klaus Lederer (Left), then for 50 minutes Having presented and defended the results, not all ambiguities were resolved.

What should the announced “hard test regime” look like, who has to test themselves how often and where is this possible? The statutory ordinance provides the framework for this. The Tagesspiegel has studied them and answers key questions as far as possible. However, the Senate administrations have not yet provided any information on many points. What is valid from Wednesday?

Do I have to take a negative test before every purchase?
No. In the area of ​​the daily needs, so at Food, Stationery, newspapers and magazines, pet supplies, in Pharmacies, Optician specialty stores, drugstores, health food stores, gas stations, bookstores, weekly markets, hardware stores and bicycle and car workshops, a test is not mandatory. The shops for everyday needs also include pick-up and delivery services – for example from snack bars and restaurants.

In all other shops has to be Test to be presented. It must be from the same day – with the exception of a PCR test, which must be a maximum of 24 hours ago. You can also use a certificate that you received after a test at your workplace or one of the Berlin test centers, whether in writing or electronically on your smartphone.

Can I also get tested directly at the store?
The test can basically also made at the store will. However, it is currently not certain that the necessary requirements are already in place. The Corona regulation speaks of an “on-site test center” for rapid tests. These are intended for professional use. Presumably, therefore, at least qualified personnel must be employed; certification by the Senate in the manner of “test sites to go” may also be necessary for this. Further information was not yet available on Tuesday.

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Contrary to what was initially planned, this applies to the operators of Department stores and shopping malls (Malls) no dutyTo provide visitors: in a test. You are merely “encouraged” to “organize” a test option – also as a self-test under supervision.

In the case of department stores, the test must be taken or presented at the entrance; this is not the case in shopping centers with independent shops. So that the individual shops in the mall do not have to organize it themselves, the Senate suggests that the mall operators take care of it. It is uncertain whether independent shops in the city, i.e. outside of malls, will be able to do this.

Are self-tests also suitable for evidence?
Basically yes. However, with one important restriction: If a self-test is used, it must be done under supervision – and not by a friend or partner, but on site at the store. There is one in the regulation here “Extended admission control” the speech that is given by the “responsible person or persons commissioned by him or her”.

This should mean that a shopkeeper or an employee at the door observes how customers carry out the self-test, then checks and certifies the result. However, this proof may only be issued by a “trained person”. What kind of training is meant was initially unclear.

Do I get a certificate of my test result?
Yes. With rapid tests at a test site on site and self-tests under supervision, you have the right to a Proof of the test result to get. The point of this rule is that you can also use it for other purchases on the same day.

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The proof must contain at least information on the date and time of the test, the name of the person tested and the agency carrying out the test. The Senate Health Administration has made a simple template for certificates available online. Presumably it can also be used for the extended admission control, whereby the sample speaks of a “test center”, which indicates a certified body and not just an admission control by the sales staff – while at the foot of the document threatens to report forged documents.

Do vaccinated people also have to show a negative test?
So far there is no exemptions for vaccinated persons from the corona restrictions. The Berlin Corona Ordinance does not provide for this either, either in general or in the specific point of mandatory testing. So the answer is: yes.

What applies to employees who do not work from home?
The employer is responsible for providing the tests. Every employee who does not work in the home office must two test options per week to provide. Self-tests that are carried out on site and under supervision are also permitted – there is no obligation for employees.

It is different for employees with customer contact. You have to do two tests a week, there are no restrictions on certain areas and industries, and authorities are also involved.

Self-employed with customer contact are also included. However, they cannot resort to self-tests, but have to visit one of the more than 170 test centers. Appointments can be booked on the Internet at Further information on the free rapid tests is also available here.

Whether the state of Berlin subsidizes the tests, as required by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and who controls them, remained unanswered on Monday.

What changes in the rules for masks?
In areas where the wearing of so-called medical masks – i.e. surgical masks – was previously mandatory, FFP2 masks will be required from Wednesday. They are affected by it Travel in buses and trains, the visit to retail trade, in doctor’s offices, hospitals or other medical facilities as well as in libraries, vocational schools and cultural institutions.

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The one working on site Personal got to just a surgical mask carry. It can even do without it altogether if it is separated from the customer by a Plexiglas pane. Excluded from the mask requirement are children up to six years of age, people with a medically certified exemption from wearing a mask as well as deaf and hard of hearing people and their companions.

Surgical masks are also sufficient in church services and in office and administrative buildings. If sufficient distance can be maintained at the workplace in the office, a mask does not have to be worn at the desk.

How is the stricter contact tracing organized?
According to the Senate resolution, the retail trade – with the exception of the shops for daily needs – one from Wednesday electronic contact tracking to ensure. This also applies to companies in the field of “body-friendly services”.

However, these may alternatively be based on the known Appointment booking To fall back on. “The retail sector must develop solutions independently,” explained a spokesman and added that Luca-App is “suitable” for this and free for users. Anyone who has not installed the app or any other option by Wednesday “may not let in customers,” said the spokesman.

Which rules apply to daycare children?
From now on, one applies to them Compulsory test for cold symptoms. The negative result must not be older than 24 hours when arriving at the day care center. A spokesman for the education administration confirmed on Monday that sick children or those with symptoms without a negative test are not cared for in the day care center. This is to prevent closings.

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