The arcs are over for Earth Hour


Arches out as a sign of climate protection.

At McDonald’s Germany on Saturday the motto is: Lights out! As part of the international Earth Hour –27. March, 8:30 p.m. – the company is taking its iconic trademark, the Golden Arches, from the electricity and is calling for more efforts in climate protection. According to its own statements, the company itself operates almost all restaurants with 100 percent green electricity.

The most important symbol of the brand will be extinguished at the international Earth Hour. On March 27, at 8:30 p.m., McDonald’s Germany will shut down the Arches advertising pylon in its own restaurants for one hour. With this symbolic act the company is divided into the number of the Earth Hour participating private individuals, cities and companies worldwide and draws attention to the importance of climate and environmental protection. Already since 2014 will almost all McDonald’s restaurants in Germany use 100 percent green electricity operated from renewable sources. Compared to the German electricity mix, the company emits around 98 percent less CO2Emissions.

Objectives in energy management

The company says it owns itself globally the goal set, until 2030 the CO2– Reduce emissions in all restaurants by 36 percent and by 31 percent per ton of product along the supply chain by the same year.

As part of the CO2Emissions target Committed McDonald’s also, his To continuously improve energy efficiency. In order to further reduce energy consumption in the long term, use energy sparingly and increase its energy efficiency step by step, 2016 all company restaurants as well as the administrations after Energiemanagementsystem ISO 50001 certified. Since the system was introduced, the specific Power consumption der McDonald’s Restaurants already reduced by almost 17 percent by 2020 will. The aim by 2030 is to reduce the specific electricity consumption of the company’s own restaurants by a further five percent.

Background to the international Earth Hour

The Earth Hour initiated by WWF is considered the largest international climate and environmental protection campaign. On this day, millions of people around the world turn off the lights for one hour (8:30 p.m. local time) to draw the public’s attention to climate protection. The Earth Hour 2021 takes place on March 27th under the slogan “Lights out. Climate protection on “instead and should set a global example for more climate justice and a living planet.

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