“The Bachelor” after the last rose: Everyone is disappointed with Niko Griesert


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Surely everyone had imagined it differently: TV bachelor Niko Griesert had decided in favor of Mimi Gwozdz in the final last week. But as the two explained at the reunion with Frauke Ludowig on Wednesday evening, they did not become a couple. The runner-up Michèle de Roos was also visibly disappointed.

A criticism

from Christian Vock

The aphids were already whistling from the rose petals: Niko Griesert and Mimi Gwozdz did not become a couple. Everything looked like a happy ending. “Mimi, would you like to accept this very last rose”, was Griesert’s decisive question to Mimi and not to final competitor Michèle de Roos – and Gwozdz had answered: “Oh God, yes”. But after the shooting of “The Bachelor” everything was apparently over before it could really start.

“To be honest, it never led to a relationship,” said Gwozdz on Wednesday evening at “The Bachelor – after the last rose” in a very matter-of-fact tone and left Griesert to answer the question about why: “I never have anything like that can put away what happened especially in the end, “he said. And by “what happened in the end” he meant his spontaneous return action from Michèle, who had actually already been eliminated in the semifinals.

Michèle de Roos firmly believed in the last rose

For the final, Griesert had actually already decided on Mimi Gwozdz and Stephie Stark and sent Michèle de Roos home in the penultimate episode.

But somehow he couldn’t get her out of his head and met her again. But because there cannot be three candidates in the final, the Bachelor swapped Stark for de Roos.

This subsequent nomination seemed to have awakened new hope in de Roos, as the Cologne woman told Frauke Ludowig: “I also have to admit: I was pretty sure that I would get the last rose. After what he risked to actually see me again. I was a bit disappointed in myself because I actually knew from the start that it would be Mimi, because I felt the looks he gave her the whole time and I actually did it in the end I should have listened to my intuition. “

Now you are always smarter afterwards with the “Bachelor”, in the finals Griesert decided against de Roos as you know. “He didn’t deserve a tear anymore”, she vented her anger afterwards and could not keep it at least on Wednesday evening: Tears kept streaming down her cheeks.

Does Niko Griesert still have a chance at Michèle?

“To see Michèle so emotionally, it hurts,” admitted Griesert and said in relation to the return campaign: “Sometimes I just think from the wallpaper to the wall and then suddenly I am standing between two women again.” Despite the rejection, de Roos also showed understanding: “I can’t blame him for falling in love with another woman.”

This other woman is Mimi – or not after all. Griesert wanted to approach the matter amicably at first, but Gwozdz did not want that. “I think it’s a shame we never had the chance to meet in real life,” she said. “The situation is much more complex than you think,” he tried to explain his conflict between the two women.

When asked whether Michèle wasn’t the right person, he replied: “I think this is not the right group to address such things.”

For now, Niko Griesert did not find his luck with “The Bachelor”. Last year the show had already ended without a couple, because the then Bachelor Sebastian Preuss found no great love in any of the finalists and, much to the displeasure of the candidates in the final, kept the last rose to himself.

Niko Griesert is self-critical

This time Griesert awarded a rose, but apparently left the last three candidates with a trace of emotional devastation. Because of course the third-placed Stephie Stark was anything but amused about how this year’s season of “The Bachelor” ended.

“I had wanted a different explanation,” she explained, but Griesert was unable to provide a real reason that evening either. He just missed Michèle and wanted to see her again and three women in the final do not see the “Bachelor” rules. But he was aware that he had hurt Stark with it.

In any case, Griesert showed himself to be self-critical again and again on Wednesday evening: “I certainly didn’t get everything right, I also made a lot of mistakes. And things happened that were hurtful, some of which were unfair. I just tried to get into to just follow my heart in the moment, “he began to apologize for his behavior right from the start – and should do so again and again afterwards, also directly to the candidates concerned.

But “The Bachelor” is structured in such a way that you can almost only make mistakes. That is the show concept, as the fourth-placed Linda-Caroline Nobat reminded her on Wednesday: “In the end there is only one with a rose. I think that is also what many have simply forgotten: That in the end you actually have to be alone. ” Griesert probably would not have thought that it would also be the Bachelor himself who would end up alone in the end.

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“I’ve never been able to put up with everything that happened, especially in the end!” – In “The Bachelor – After the Last Rose”, Niko tries to explain what basically nobody understands – not even Frauke Ludowig …

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