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She might win the show, but most definitely not his heart!

“Bachelor” Niko Griesert (30) presented office clerk Mimi (26) with his last rose, in the finale of the dome show he whispered in her ear: “You are my dream woman, my home, my Mimi” – to her when the cameras were off to put it down again!

A slap in the face for Mimi, who made it clear from the beginning of the show that she burns for Niko. But instead of taking the man home with her as the beaming winner, she said: “On the same evening or the morning after, she noticed that something was wrong.

The problem: Niko couldn’t forget Michèle, which he first threw out in a legendary return action, then persuaded them to come backonly to give her a basket again in the final.

But now it comes out how bad the rejection for Mimi actually went! In the RTL podcast, Niko reveals what he confessed to Mimi AFTER he had chosen her as the winner: “I said to Mimi, ‘You somehow can’t handle me at the moment’. She reacted very empathically and said: ‘Okay, collect yourself first, and then we’ll see.’ We then exchanged numbers and wrote. ”

Now Mimi tells im Interview with RTLhow unkind his messages were: “It was never about private matters. It was more about the season, about the episodes: ‘How did you like the episode?’ Rather superficial. “

In the show, Niko and Mimi kissed, she was even allowed to stay overnight with him, but AFTER the show he didn’t want to sleep with herPhoto: TVNOW

Once she saw Niko again after the show, he visited her in Pfungstadt – and turned down an overnight stay! “He went to see me by train on a Sunday, was there for four hours and then drove back five hours because he didn’t want to stay overnight, because it’s all just friendly,” says Mimi, disappointed.

The first and only date with her Bachelor away from the cameras turned out to be a buddy meeting in the afternoon. In the final, he promised her: “’We’ll go home now and have a good time’ and then I’ll come home and it’s like a slap in the face,” said Mimi.

Doubly bitter for Mimi: While she has to endure the chaos of emotions alone, The Bachelor strolls through Cologne in a good mood with his second-placed Michèle.

But BILD knows that beautiful Mimi could soon take revenge – and this rose vengeance is tough!

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Bachelor Niko Griesert dumped winner Mimi badly


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