The Biggest Loser: Baby surprise in the final: Cindy is pregnant!


What good news! “The Biggest Loser” star Cindy caused a big surprise in the finale of the Sat.1 show: She is going to be a mother for the first time!

At the grand finale of “The Biggest Loser” 2021 on Monday (March 29), the following candidates fought for victory: 46-year-old tattoo artist Sonja, 22-year-old nanny Gianluca, 25-year-old hairdresser Luca and 40-year-old geriatric nurse Ole. But meanwhile she caused the biggest surprise: Cindy (24)!

There is no question that the “The Biggest Loser” winners did a great job! But could they keep their weight? You can see what the winners look like today in the video above.

She not only presented her admirable success at the showdown, but also proudly announced that she is going to be a mother for the very first time. What great news that the fans of the Sat.1 show were also happy about.

In the video below, ex- “Biggest Loser” trainer Mareike Spaleck reveals: “If the candidates lose only 2 kilograms per week, they are presented poorly.”


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“The Biggest Loser” candidate Cindy is pregnant

As the 24-year-old revealed with a big grin on the show, she and her fiancé Tamba are expecting offspring. “I’m going to be mom!” Announced Cindy with tears in her eyes. The geriatric nurse in training also explained how she found out about her pregnancy: “It was surprising. I was wondering why I am like this. Tamba also always said: ‘Something is wrong with you.’ Then I did a test and it was positive! ”

Cindy’s fiancé: “You changed my life”

Not only camp boss Christine Theiss (41) reacted completely moved to the surprising baby news. Cindy’s fiancé Tamba couldn’t hide his anticipation and emotion either. He made his dream woman an emotional declaration of love – and that in front of the cameras! He made it clear with a smile: “I would like to say: Cindy, you have changed my life. I am very, very happy with you and I am very proud. I love you.”

She is already in seventh baby heaven! You can find out how Cheyenne Ochsenknecht is doing after the birth of her daughter in the video below.

In the seventh baby heaven: Your daughter is here - and this is how mum feels after the birth

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Biggest Loser Baby surprise final Cindy pregnant


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