“The Biggest Loser” winner 2021: Ole has “a whole new attitude towards life”


Updated March 30, 2021 at 2:37 pm

  • Ole did it: The “The Biggest Loser” candidate lost almost 80 kilos and thus won the weight loss show.
  • In an interview, the 41-year-old tells how his life has changed since then and what he wants to pay particular attention to in his diet in the future.

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Ole from Beckingen in Saarland emerged as the winner of “The Biggest Loser”. The geriatric nurse has lost almost 80 kilos: he went to the show with 164 kilograms, and in the end the scales showed almost 84 kilos. On Monday evening (March 29th) he was able to prevail in the decisive weighing against his competitors Sonja, Luca and Gianluca.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Ole reveals how his life has changed as a result of the show, how those around him have reacted, why he relies on a vegan diet and what he plans to do with his winnings.

Congratulations on your victory! How was the last weigh-in for you?

Ole: Thank you very much. The last time on the scales, which decides whether to win or lose, was totally exciting. The tension was palpable.

From 164 kilos to 84.3 kilos – in retrospect, how did you manage to lose so much?

With a lot of discipline and willpower, I managed to lose so much weight. I’ve never had a slip. It was very important to me that I flipped my switch in my head right from the start on “The Biggest Loser”. I had a goal – I wanted to achieve that and I worked hard for it.

What role did vegan nutrition play in your mission?

For me, the vegan diet plays a big role as it is the best way of life for me. I only cook healthy with lots of fresh vegetables and no animal products. With a vegan diet, I get the same vitamins and nutrients that I need for a healthy life.

You are a passionate moped driver. Is it better to sit in the saddle now?

Oh yes, riding a moped is my great passion and now it’s even more fun than it used to be. I no longer have any restrictions, it no longer hurts – a really great feeling. So I can really enjoy the 25 km / h!

“Sonja was my caregiver in the camp”

Why were you able to prevail against Sonja and Gianluca in the end and what is your relationship with them?

All of the finalists were very strong competitors. It was not for nothing that the four of us were in the finale of “The Biggest Loser”. Maybe it was a bit of luck that my body always did so well and that my scales always went down.

I have a very good relationship with Sonja, she was my reference person in the camp and also in the semifinals. We always motivated each other when the other had a hangover. And with Gianluca I had a few teething problems at the beginning, but we managed that well and then got along very well.

“I’ve lost a person!” True, but the winner of the 13th season of “The Biggest Loser” has lost “the human” on the scales and will therefore not find him again anytime soon. The winner lost almost 80 kilograms. For this he won “a new life” and 50,000 euros.

What were the hardest moments for you at camp?

The hardest moment was the sports session on the beach, when we had to carry the backpacks with our lost weight. My backpack weighed over 40 pounds. It was so heavy that I had to pull it. And that’s when I realized, boy what did you do ?! That moment was very emotional for me. The fact that I had no contact with my brother was also very difficult for me.

Has the extreme decrease also left negative marks on your body?

I am very happy with my body. I have a whole new attitude towards life, it’s just great and makes me happy. After losing 79.7 kilograms, the skin hangs naturally, because where should it go? That’s why I continue to concentrate on building muscles and see if I then take the step of having the excess skin surgically removed.

“You have to set small goals”

Can you give weight loss tips, what helped you?

Everyone has to find out for themselves what is best for them. I’m not a fitness expert, others are responsible for that. What I’ve learned: You have to set small goals that you can achieve. And you have to defeat your inner weaker self. There are no more excuses for me not to do things. If it rains, put on your rain jacket and go out.

How did those around you react to your victory and how has your private life changed since the acceptance?

My friends and family were of course very proud of me to have won “The Biggest Loser”. My private life has already changed a bit: I am recognized everywhere, especially in the beautiful small Saarland. But that’s totally okay with me.

I’ve been given a new life, I actively participate in life, I’m always in a good mood and very enterprising. In the past, others had to motivate me to do something, today it’s the other way around.

What are your goals and what do you want to do with the profit?

Actually, I haven’t given that much thought to myself. I need a new car. I use part of it for this, and I put the rest on the side for times when I need it. And my very clear goal: to keep the weight off. Now that’s the biggest challenge for me.
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