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Meat alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

US researchers see enormous market growth in meat alternatives: By 2035, sales could increase sixfold. In addition, meat consumption in Europe and North America could fall for the first time after 2025.

You have come across them more and more often: Alleged meat products such as burgers or sausages that have no meat at all. A new study has now confirmed that the market for substitute products for animal foods has huge growth potential. The market is currently around 40 billion dollars and is expected to grow to 290 billion dollars a year by 2035, according to the study “Food for Thougth: The Protein Transformation”.

The study looks to the year 2035

The amount is expected to grow from the current 13 million tons annually to 97 million tons. The market share of vegetable meat alternatives made from soy and peas, alternative proteins from microorganisms such as fungi, yeast and unicellular algae as well as alternatives obtained directly from animal cells would increase to 22 percent. Thus, by 2035, every tenth serving of protein from animal foods could consist of alternatives.

The study authors of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in cooperation with the Pure-Play holding company Blue Horizon Corporation assume that alternative protein products of all kinds will soon be able to compete with real meat, real dairy products and the like. They refer to the taste, texture and price. This in turn leads to broad acceptance of new alternative products. Above all, dairy, chicken and seafood alternatives are recognized by the study as having particularly high market potential.

Meat consumption could decrease for the first time after 2025

In addition, meat consumption in Europe and North America could fall for the first time after 2025. The study assumes that the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products will peak in 2025. Subsequently, the consumption of proteins of animal origin will decrease.

The study also sees enormous savings potential in CO2 emissions by replacing meat and eggs. In addition, immense amounts of water could be saved.

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billion market meat alternatives world


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