The Chelsea coach irritates referees with this jacket


In terms of sport, things are going well for Thomas Tuchel with Chelsea. But as is now being reported from England, the successful German coach has to rethink his outerwear. The reason is anger with the referees.

Ten wins and not a single defeat: The record of the first 14 competitive games as head coach of the English top club Chelsea speak for Thomas Tuchel. But despite these convincing successes, the former BVB coach in the English Premier League causes confusion, more precisely with the referees.

Tuchel has to switch from deep to pale blue

As reported by the British daily “The Sun”, Tuchel had to change his jacket in several league matches at the request of the referees, as their design was too similar to that of the Chelsea professionals on the pitch. In particular, if the Londoners’ players acted on the sidelines in close proximity to Tuchel, confusion should have arisen.

Thomas Tuchel: With this pale blue jacket, Chelsea’s coach put an end to the confusion. (Source: PA Images / imago images)

“The Sun” remembers that in his first away game as Chelsea coach against Leeds United, Tuchel wore a deep blue down jacket before returning to the dugout in a pale blue version from the catacombs in the second half.

However, Tuchel’s unintentional confusion did not have any disciplinary consequences.

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Chelsea coach irritates referees jacket


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