The clock is put forward: And again the time change greets you


Status: 03/27/2021 3:10 p.m.

The time change should be a thing of the past. But because the 27 EU states cannot agree, the motto is again tonight: The clock will be turned. The criticism of the time change does not stop.

It’s that time again: The next night the clock will be turned – one hour before, from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. Then summer time will apply again until the end of October. In practice, this means an hour less sleep for that night, but it stays light an hour longer in the evening.

In most other European countries, too, the clocks are changed at the weekend. Iceland is an exception.

In the EU, however, the biannual ritual should be history for a long time. As early as 2018, the then EU Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker announced: “The time change should be abolished.” At that time, 84 percent also voted for it in an online survey. In Germany, approval is particularly high. First there was talk of jumping in time for the last time in 2019, then it was said that in 2021 the turning of the pointer should be over.

What should now apply permanently?

Not much has happened since then. The European Commission says that the ball lies with the 27 member states. They have to come to an agreement and clarify whether they want permanent summer or normal time. So far, however, the governments in the EU Council have not found a common position.

Politicians in the German Bundestag are slowly becoming impatient: For the Left parliamentary group, environmental policy spokesman Ralph Lenkert declared that the time change should finally be abolished “for health and animal welfare reasons”. “The fact that the European Union does not even manage to come to an agreement on this issue quickly shows the clumsiness of the EU,” said Lenkert.

Prevent a patchwork quilt

FDP parliamentary group vice Michael Theurer spoke in the “Handelsblatt” of an “unnecessary interference in people’s lives”. Ultimately, he doesn’t care whether summer or normal time applies permanently. “It would be of central importance that the federal government prevents a patchwork carpet in talks with the friends and partners around us.”

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