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The tests at Aldi are said to have sold out in the first branches just a few minutes after the store opened, according to Twitter. If you came away empty-handed or didn’t feel like standing in line to get hold of the coveted quick test sets, you should stop by the discounter Lidl. The good news: you don’t even have to go out of the house to do this. Because instead of asking customers to be more mobile in order to get into the shops, Lidl has decided to offer the self-tests exclusively online.

While five tests at Aldi cost 24.99 euros, rival Lidl undercuts this price on the first day of sale of the self-tests for Sars Cov-2 and only demands 21.99 euros. The Schwarz Group discounter also waives shipping costs.

This is what the corona rapid test offers

In contrast to Aldi, the corona self-tests for at home come from Boson Biotech. The test is approved for self-use according to ยง11 MPG in Germany. The set includes five nasal swab tests for the anterior nasal area. In professional tests, the medical staff will take the swab deep in your nose or throat. In contrast, in Lidl’s tests, it is sufficient to take the smear at a depth of 2.5 centimeters in the nose.

According to Lidl, the scope of delivery includes five test cassettes, five swabs, five vials with extraction solution and five tubes with dropper caps. Of course, the corresponding instructions for use are also included. You should receive professional advice by email.

At Lidl Online you can initially order five test sets, for a total of 25 tests. The tests can help you reduce the risk of passing on an infection unnoticed when you go to work, visit family, or meet a friend. According to the current status, the delivery should be with you in four working days. Lidl asks for your understanding if there are delivery delays. It is to be expected that there will also be a sell-off here. In the coming days, however, more providers will come onto the market.

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