The critically acclaimed “Kaze and the Wild Masks” jumps from a childhood dream to reality


The platformer Kaze and the Wild Masks, inspired by the classics of the 90s, is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia. Andre Schaan, the founder of the PixelHive developer studio, couldn’t be more proud: “Today an absolute dream is coming true for me. Seeing the long-cherished idea become a real platformer that is available to play around the world means a lot to all of us at PixelHive! ”

To celebrate the launch, SOEDESCO released a brand new live-action trailer that shows the platformer’s classic side-scrolling action in a family-friendly environment. The fighting rabbit Kaze is actually the protagonist of the game, but the real rabbit steals the show from him in the trailer. The data carrier version will follow on May 25, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

About Kaze and the Wild Masks
In “Kaze and the Wild Masks” you travel through the Crystal Islands in classic platformer style of the 90s. Play as Kaze and save your friend Hogo from a curse that is throwing the islands into chaos. Face angry living vegetables by using the powers of the wild masks. Jump wild like a tiger, fly like an eagle through the sky, dash like a lizard and rule the sea like a shark.


  • Unleash the skills of the Wild Masks to gain powers from the tiger, eagle, lizard and shark
  • Uncover the secrets of the Crystal Islands in over 30 levels with more than 50 bonus levels
  • Take yourself back to your childhood with a classic platformer with the highest quality pixel art graphics
  • Fight your way through this tricky platformer with smooth controls

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Andre Wich
The crazy person in the team can / must test everything that comes up, even if it’s Barbie’s great horse adventure (which he would also love to test). Had he been born earlier, his sense of humor would have been in a Monty Python movie. In addition, as a true Bavarian, he thinks absolutely nothing of hoppy cold drinks.

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critically acclaimed Kaze Wild Masks jumps childhood dream reality


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