The dinosaur is the winner


Four masked celebrities competed against each other in the big “The Masked Singer” final on Tuesday evening. However, only one person could win: the dinosaur won the race.

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For six weeks, millions of people puzzled in front of the screens. Show after show, fans tried to use clues to reveal the identities of the stars in the new “The Masked Singer” costumes. Six celebrities have already been exposed in the past few weeks. On Tuesday evening, the remaining four stars also had to identify themselves – including the winner.

The dinosaur wins the fourth season

In the season four finale, the turtle, leopard, dinosaur and flamingo competed against each other. The star made the race in dinosaur costume. He performed in the sixth episode of the rate show, including “Angels” by Robbie Williams.

The dinosaur performs “Angels” by Robbie Williams. (Source: ProSieben / Willi Weber)

After the performance, Rea Garvey said that he suspected Sasha under the mask. If it is, however, he would be “super disappointed”. After all, Sasha is one of his “longest and oldest friends” – and he should have told him about his participation in the show.

“How could you do this to me?”

The assumption that Sasha is in the costume, had the “Supergirl” interpreter since the second episode. Since episode three, the audience was sure to have recognized the musician by his voice. And they should be right. Sasha was the dinosaur.

Sasha: The musician was the dinosaur.  (Source: imago images)Sasha: The musician was the dinosaur. (Source: imago images)

After the musician revealed himself, Rea Garvey asked, “How could you do this to me?” The winner emphasized: “The worst thing was that I had to lie to Rea so hardcore.” But this cannot affect your friendship.

Cassandra Steen was the leopardess

By the way, the female leopard landed in second place. She had caused confusion with her appearances in the past few weeks. Because in contrast to the other artists, the star in the Leo outfit could only be seen sitting on the stage. Some viewers suspected that the celebrity under the mask could be blind and therefore not move as exuberantly as the others.

Other viewers, however, believed that the artist must be Cassandra Steen. Since the 41-year-old is one of Germany’s greatest singers at 1.87 meters, you could have recognized her standing up straight away. And indeed: the glass house star hid under the mask.

Cassandra Steen: The singer was the leopard.  (Source: ProSieben / Willi Weber)Cassandra Steen: The singer was the leopard. (Source: ProSieben / Willi Weber)

The flamingo and the turtle also had to reveal themselves in the final. Ex-Bro’Sis singer Ross Antony was in the costume of the bird of paradise, Thomas Anders was the turtle.

“The Masked Singer” is running for the fourth time. In autumn, fans can look forward to the fifth season again. In recent years, Max Mutzke as the Austronaut, Tom Beck as the sloth and Sarah Lombardi as the skeleton have won the show. Now Sasha joins the list of winners.

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