The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Star Spangled Man


Film still from the episode The Star Spangled Man by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (c) Disney + / Marvel Studios

In The Star Spangled Man, the second episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we get to know the new Captain America. In addition, there are apparently many more people who carry the super soldier serum than assumed.

It had already been suggested and in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode The Star Spangled Man we really learn more about the new Captain America, whose look has since been smiled at via memes. The costume was taken over by John Walker (Wyatt Russell). In fact, the government has a highly decorated war hero here (three “Medals of Honor“) Who is qualified for the job and has been put through their paces and skills by MIT – and not just one poster boywho looks good in front of the cameras.

Walker appears to have noble intentions and is in breakfast format before his big public appearance at a large football stadium in front of thousands of people “Good Morning America“Accordingly nervous. Because he too knows what huge footsteps he is following there. Although he never met Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) personally, he followed his work as a soldier and avenger. He has great respect for him.

If you know the comics, however, you have doubts about Walker’s motives or development, especially as a tool of government. The Marvel Cinematic Universe also doesn’t have the best record of politicians or government organizations or state employees, if you think of the whole SHIELD / Hydra story or even of SWORD from WandaVision.

Why did you give up the shield?

Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) have doubts about this new cap. Bucky speaks straight to his conscience why he made the decision to turn down Cap’s legacy. However, Sam could not have known that something like this would happen. As well as?

But he has to push the topic aside for now, because he and Torres are known to be hot on the heels of the Flag Smashers, whose trail has been followed as far as Munich. The suspicion goes in the background in the direction of “Big Three“: Androids, aliens or magicians / wizards.

When the two meet, the buddy-cop feeling arises, which was addressed in the run-up to the Marvel miniseries. The tone is still serious, but it feels like they’re always quarreling and grumbling, which I find quite amusing. Bucky invites himself on Sam’s mission and just isn’t let into the plan. So he has to jump out of the plane without a parachute – or he just does it because he is left with no other choice. Of course, Sam recorded the crash for posterity.

There is also disagreement on shading because Bucky’s old-school methods do not produce the same accurate results as Falcon’s Redwing technology-assisted approach. Bucky only sees two people, while Sam tracks down eight heat signatures and therefore urges caution. Bucky’s antipathy for Redwing is glorious too, and runs through the first half of the episode to a sad end. It remains to be seen whether we will learn more about Bucky’s time in Wakanda as White Wolf. We have long known that he is a man of many secrets and will soon be underlined again here …

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Falcon Winter Soldier Star Spangled Man


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