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The fans are excited about this sexy photo


Anne Menden is pretty hot on Instagram

Wow! GZSZ star Anne Menden (35) rarely shows herself so sexy: But she has now shared a photo of herself on Instagram that shows her in an unusually revealing outfit and sexy pose. Your fans like it!

High heels and body: Anne Menden is not known to be that sexy

“Find of the day”, writes Anne Menden about the photo shoot, which leads her fans to emotional outbursts. It shows an unusually revealing Anne: She is wrapped in a black long-sleeved body and wears sequined high heels. The crouched position she assumes emphasizes her long legs, while her dark mane falls loosely over her right shoulder. Her lascivious look, the slightly open mouth and the half-closed smokey eyes complete the picture. The sexy photo should be four years old, according to the GZSZ star, but her fans celebrate it anyway.

Your fans are thrilled

If you scroll through the comments under the revealing photo, you will immediately notice the countless flame emojis and smileys with heart-shaped eyes. The fans seem to agree: this photo of Anne Menden is damn sexy. “You are just such a hot piece of DNA,” writes a user, for example, and gets a few likes for it. Her GZSZ colleague Olivia Marei (31) also lets herself be carried away with a comment: “Hottie”, thinks the 31-year-old and underlines the statement with several exclamation marks.

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