The fifth entry, Shelter 3, in the Shelter series is now available on Steam


Might and Delight’s newest entry in the Shelter series, Shelter 3, is out now on Steam.

Shelter 3 invites you to embark on a compelling journey of memory. A solemn assignment to help an ailing elephant matriarch as she shares her memories and experiences. It is up to you to choose safe routes and protect the herd from harm. Gather your strength and fill your bellies because this is going to be a grueling journey.


  • A large, open game world in which you and your herd can get lost
  • Herausforderndes Survival-Gameplay
  • A herd of lovable elephant characters
  • Care for your elephant family by hunting and gathering food
  • Keep your family together with the ‘gather stove’ feature
    Enjoy a beautiful original soundtrack from The Retro Family

About Shelter 3
In Shelter 3, you play as Reva, a young mother who is asked by the matriarch to help find elephants that have previously been lost to the herd. She knows where they are, but how to get there is not so clear. So how do you find the way and get the flock and child to safety?

Like its predecessors, Shelter 3 is a tough survival game riddled with the threat of hunger and hunting. You need to eat well and keep your calves from being caught if you are to keep your herd alive. Knock fruit from the trees to eat, gather your flock nearby when danger lurks, and choose your path wisely!

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