The Geissens (RTL2): Robert and Carmen already vaccinated – how can that be?


Reality TV star Robert Geiss is vaccinated against Corona.

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TV millionaire Robert Geiss and his wife Carmen have already been vaccinated against the corona virus. But how is that possible despite the vaccination sequence that applies in Germany?

Monaco – While in other countries vaccination against the corona virus is taking place at a faster pace, progress is still slow in Germany. There is therefore great dissatisfaction, as achieving herd immunity counts for successfully combating the pandemic and thus for a possible return to normality. A video that appeared from the German entrepreneur and RTL2 reality star Robert Geiss (57) and his Carmen (55) now irritates one or the other fan.

The Geissens: Robert and Carmen are vaccinated – but why is it their turn?

Carmen Geiss published a clip on Instagram showing the 55-year-old having a corona vaccination. But how is that possible? In Germany, a vaccination sequence applies in which, among other things, people aged 65 and over, risk patients or employees in medical facilities are prioritized for vaccinations. “Yes, today we’re going to have a vaccination”, Carmen speaks to her followers and sends an appeal afterwards: “I think we are good role models. Everyone should get vaccinated so that this Covid can finally come to an end, this pandemic. “

Husband Robert is also there and has the vaccine injected. Just like his Carmen, he lets himself be filmed and publishes the video on his Instagram channel. He probably felt a little bit of the injection. “Let’s hope I don’t have any side effects,” he continues to write about the video.

Since the TV millionaire couple is neither over 65 years old nor one of the systemically relevant professional groups who are the first to receive the vaccine in Germany, their fans are irritated by the two videos. “Since when have 50-year-olds been allowed to be vaccinated?” Asks a user, amazed. “Why is it your turn already? You’re not that old yet, ”says another irritated. But there is a simple reason why the “Geissens” have already been vaccinated.

The Geissens: Robert and Carmen got vaccinated in Monaco

Robert and Carmen Geiss received the vaccination in Monaco, where the millionaire couple from Germany have lived for many years. As in Great Britain, more people have already been vaccinated in the French city-state than in Germany. That is why Robert emphasizes in one of his videos on Instagram: “Thank goodness we’re a little faster here in Monaco, and we’re getting our first vaccination today. Now let’s hope that things will go uphill from today. ”Armed against the corona virus, the entrepreneur seems to have recovered from his illegal night in prison in Madrid. (jbr)

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