The latest Handke work: A consecration game for the initiated


Innsbruck – A “demon story” is what Peter Handke calls his most recent story, which is published today as a book, “My Day in Another Land”. It’s a story about talk. At least the first part. Because the one who tells here reconstructs it from what was told to him. He himself cannot remember what happened to him, what happened to him. Years later, he has to write it down from hearsay. One day he had become an eccentric, according to reports that he was not exactly unremarkable before that. He has withdrawn to a place that was once a cemetery – and went from there every day to scream and scream in public. Others know of oracles that he hurled precisely at those who listened to him. He is said to have gathered followers around himself. And bitter opponents. The later narrator was unconscious for a while for his sister, who provided him with a selection of different apple varieties. For others he was out of his mind, possessed maybe. After looking at his desk, he diagnosed himself with “self-exaggeration” and “being out of touch”.

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latest Handke work consecration game initiated


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