“The lion’s den”: Nils Glagau invests in an absolute crazy idea


Updated March 29, 2021, 10:55 p.m.

  • Yes, you can have fun without alcohol – for Nils Glagau it was called “Höhle der Lbrag” but rather: You can also have money with alcohol.
  • In the latest issue, the investor is investing his money with Voxin a liquor company.
  • Shortly before, however, he didn’t want to give two cheeks.

A criticism

of Christian Vock

“I can’t invest, I’m involved in cake gossip where grannies and grandpas bake cakes.” Such a sentence is seldom enough on German television.

But when Carsten Maschmeyer also says it to two older women who stand in front of him in pink robes with fairy wings on their backs, a glowing wand in their hand and a cupcake headband on their heads, then it is rarely an understatement.

Nevertheless, this sentence makes sense – at least if you know the history and it works like this: Gisela Hüsge-Schnabel and Sabine Kämper have been friends for 15 years and like to bake cakes. But because that only fills the stomach, not the wallet, the two of them have thought about something, as Sabine Kämper explains: “We are two baking fairies. We have conjured up cakes in a way that has never been done before. We want them Make the world happy with our cakes. “

“Den of the Lions”: Do people need more cake?

Now you can rightly ask yourself whether people need more cake, but the two founders are of the vehement opinion: “The world needs that.”

“That” is back ‘o’ funny, a cream that you can bake in a cake and that is still creamy afterwards. Hüsge-Schnabel and Kämper sell this ready-made cream in a piping bag and now have 25 varieties on offer, all of which are “baking stable and can be eaten raw”.

“Back’o’funny”: Ralf Dümmel backt’s an

The two founders praise what the cream from the piping bag cannot do, what has been thought up for it and then ask the crucial question, for the answer of which they came to the “Den of the Lions”: “Who of you?” fancy cutting off a piece of this cake? “

Of course, the two of them don’t offer their cake cream for free, Hüsge-Schnabel and Kämper want to collect 33,000 euros and would give up 33 percent of their company shares in return.

Carsten Maschmeyer is out for well-known cake gossip reasons and Georg Kofler says goodbye because baking is not his field. Judith Williams has another reason for leaving: “I’m very organic in the food sector. I also take care a little with sugar.” There are still Nils Glagau and Ralf Dümmel as possible investors.

Both think the idea is good, both also submit a bid, but both pursue different approaches. Ralf Dümmel wants the broadest possible distribution, Nils Glagau sees it differently: “I don’t see B2B, I wouldn’t find it clever either.”

After a short consultation and a bit of whispering, the decision is made: “We will decide in favor of Mr. Dümmel.” The reason: “We want quick results. (…) We believe that he can be with us faster.”

The founders of heat it want to turn a mosquito into a lion

There will be no quick results for the founders of heat it. In addition to their studies in Karlsruhe, the four young men have developed a small attachment for the charging socket of a smartphone that uses heat to relieve the itching after a mosquito bite.

The principle of selective heat against mosquito bites already exists, but the founders believe that the small size is a competitive advantage.

Investors see it differently: “Not yet conclusive enough for me in the execution,” Judith Williams tries with a little play on words and adds another: “The evaluation has already given us a pang.”

The other investors see it the same way and all of them reject it. Like them, there is another founder who wants to sell high-priced punching bags made of cork.

While punching bags and anti-mosquito sticks remain without investment, things look much better for the founders of CO’PS. In the absence of other leisure activities, Finn Geldermann and Jan Weigelt have been working on a recipe for a drink a while ago that is supposed to represent the “golden mean between espresso and nightcap after dinner”. After two years, the result was CO’PS.

Nils Glagau invests in CO’PS crazy idea

After dinner you could of course drink an espresso first and then a schnapps, but the two founders apparently see it differently and have made a drink from two “important ingredients”: “their own coffee blend and kola nut.”

Four centiliters of CO’PS would have as much caffeine as an espresso. In view of this recipe, Nils Glagau asked what would win in the end – the stimulating effect of caffeine or the indolent effect of alcohol: “How is that after ten pieces?”, Glagau wants to know.

While the gentlemen from CO’Ps answer the question with a type question, which is not very scientific, Judith Williams believes: “You don’t drink that much.” Nils Glagau teaches them better, after all, he once ran a bar himself, which he also cites as an argument that he is the better investor for the two of them. In addition to Glagau, Ralf Dümmel and Dagmar Wöhrl are also in the running.

In the end, however, Nils Glagau was awarded the contract by the founders because he was pursuing the same goals as her: “It will be a kind of Jägermeister”, believes Glagau and is of the opinion: “You have to make a trendy drink out of it!” And so for 100,000 euros, 20 percent of the company shares in a schnapps company change hands.

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lions den Nils Glagau invests absolute crazy idea


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