The Lions Den: This season’s deal has already been broken


The deal between Nils Glagau and Devran Sezek fell through in retrospect. (Photo montage)

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VOX: What is not shown on TV, but occurs again and again in the “Den of the Lions”: in retrospect, one or the other deal breaks. Now it has hit the first of the current season.

Cologne – It is the dream of every founder who enters the “Den of the Lions *”: to leave it again with a deal. But sometimes the dream bursts again after the recording. Even if Löwe (here’s all information about the current Löwen *) and founders initially agree on the rough terms, it can happen that discrepancies arise in the renegotiations. As a result, in the past few seasons of DHDL, some deals have already burst again in retrospect. This is what happened to founder Devran Sezek (41). * reports.

Ralf Dümmel tests the “Compasstrainer”

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DHDL: Pitch for learning to play football in a playful way

In the first episode (broadcast on March 22nd) of the current ninth season of “Höhle der Löwen”, the founder from Goch presented his investment piece: the “Compasstrainer” – a sophisticated system consisting of different colored stickers, two hats and a soccer ball accordingly colored markings. This should make it easier for small football players to learn the different shooting techniques.

So far, the master painter and varnisher has put 100,000 euros out of his own pocket into his invention. But for the rest of the way he would like to have a lion by his side, according to the father of four, who admits that he currently lives on his savings. Because the “Compasstrainer” has not yet calculated itself.

At the end of the pitch, he convinced Nils Glagau (45) of his idea: the lion is ready to invest the desired 150,000 euros, but demands 30% instead of the offered 20% company shares. After a brief consultation with his wife, Devran Sezek accepts the counter offer: “I am one hundred percent convinced that it will work for both of us!”

DHDL: Nils Glagau announces the end

But the founder should be wrong. As Nils Glagau announced on the evening of the broadcast on Twitter, the deal fell through. It is very difficult to get into the clubs, so Glagau. Getting a placement during Corona is even more difficult. He does not comment that the reasons mentioned had already been mentioned by the other lions during the pitch. However, there were “other reasons” so that the decision was made to “refrain from joint participation.”

Devran Sezek has not yet commented publicly on the end. If you believe the majority of the Twitter comments (click here for the best of the first episode *), the break came from Nils Glagau. The managing director is accused of deliberately letting most of his DHDL deals collapse again afterwards.

Will the whole truth ever come to light? One can only wish founder Devran Sezek that the appearance in the “Cave of the Lions” gave him the necessary media attention to be able to successfully go his way with the “Compass Trainer” even without Nils Glagau.

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