“The Masked Singer” finals: The dinosaur wins – it’s Sasha


Updated March 24, 2021, 8:50 a.m.

In the end, Rea Garvey was sure that his friend Sasha had been performing behind the dinosaur costume for weeks. The singer, who was victorious in the final, recently had to whisper to his buddy several times about participating in “The Masked Singer”. That it wasn’t quite enough for the leopard, who turned out to be the singer Cassandra Steen, surprised many. The hit workers Thomas Anders and Ross Antony also had to unmask themselves on Tuesday evening.

A criticism

from Bodo Klarsfeld

“Back then, half the nation was behind the television,” said Franz Beckenbauer once so beautifully about the football World Cup final in 1990. Half the nation may not have sat in front of the television on Tuesday evening, but some of them will see the final of ” The Masked Singer “.

Three big questions before the “The Masked Singer” show

The ultimate round of the great masquerade raised three questions in advance: Will the flamingo, the leopard, the turtle or the dinosaur win? Will Ruth Moschner’s findings be taken seriously this time around?

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And could you put together a medium-sized IKEA shelf in the time that celebrities always need to push their heads out of the disguise when they are exposed? On the other hand, there was no question that presenter Joko Winterscheidt was on the advice team next to Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey on the evening of the final.

Leopardess with masterful performance

The first round, in which all four protagonists had to perform once, was opened by the dinosaur. He slammed an impeccable “Lose Control” from Zoe Wees onto the stage, into which he skilfully sprinkled Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella”.

The fact that four eccentric beings were kicking on ergometers around him did not seem to irritate too many. But it did seem a little crazy.

The performance of the flamingo (“You are the Reason” by Calum Scott) as well as that of the turtle, behind which almost everyone from here to Kamchatka imagined modern-talking ex-singer Thomas Anders, were of impeccable quality.

The leopard, who merged a part from the opera Carmen with “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman, could not hold a candle to the three masked creatures in the first round. With her, really everyone was listening.

Thomas Anders put on the first strip

Then the first real Joko Winterscheidt for the laughing muscle: “I’ll keep it short, I know who it is: That is – and I’ve heard her sing a thousand times – Sabine, our cleaner from ‘Circus HalliGalli'”, says the guest judge who so that that evening, after a few familiarization phrases, found the anarcho trail. When thinking of the leopard, Garvey paradoxically thought of “lioness” Judith Williams. “Isn’t she an opera singer?” The Irishman wanted to know.

The turtle was finally forced by the audience to unmask the evening for the first time, behind which Thomas Anders, the marginally less reprehensible half of Modern Talking, was actually hiding. “I never would have thought that my voice would be so recognizable,” said Anders. Not everything can simply be pushed aside Thomas, not everything.

Rea Garvey: “Whoever you are: I love you”

The three remaining masks then had to work again. The surprise in round two: The leopard also showed weaknesses in the gentle roar in a few places in Sarah McLachlan’s hit “In the Arms of an Angel”. “Whoever you are, I love you,” said Garvey to the spotted ballad empress, which even the exaggerated artist Moschner could not top.

At the appearance of the dinosaur, who put down a squeaky clean version of the formidable Robbie Williams Schnulze “Angel”, Winterscheidt also lacked ideas. “I find it incredibly difficult to get a name out of here,” said the entertainer, who would probably have had fun things like “Otto Rehhagel” or “Jens Spahn” at hand.

Now it was the flamingo who had to shed its camouflage. Moschner, who thought Ross Antony behind the pink slimness, landed a direct hit. The blonde hit bard and trash veteran slipped out of the flamingo costume. “I enjoyed every minute,” was Antony’s first comment.

The dinosaur put forward mightily

In the final round, which gave the audience a duel “Leopardess versus Dinosaurs” on Tuesday evening, the two were each allowed to sing their favorite song from the season. The dinosaur now united “Rapper’s Delight” from the once groundbreaking “Sugar Hill Gang” with Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” (feat. Pharrell Williams).

That sounded quite decent, which was also due to the increase in hardness in the second part of the medley. Ray Garvey was now sure that behind the dinosaur friend and singer Sasha was.

Joko Winterscheidt already thought Leopard was the winner

The leopard, in turn, reconsidered her qualities after a mediocre demonstration in the second round and did a brilliant job with her interpretation of Destiny’s Childs “Survivor”. “I lean out of the window and say we saw the winner of the evening,” said Joko, unusually seriously.

The fact that it was the dinosaur that the majority of viewers voted for the winner of the fourth season astonished not only the guest juror, but also countless people in the vastness of the Internet. Others, on the other hand, not like this: “Congratulations, Sasha, it was deserved,” someone said prematurely on Twitter.

But before the green giant from the Mesozoic era was allowed to free itself from the heavy material, the American pop and R&B singer Cassandra Steen, who lives in Germany, emerged from her leopard costume. She was also very happy to take part in “The Masked Singer”, although you also noticed a bit of disappointment.

Sasha: “Had to lie to Rea so hardcore”

“This is one of my best friends, this is Sasha”, Rea was sure one last time at the end of a long evening. Winterscheidt did not want to contradict this either, but Ruth Moschner did. She suspected comedian Luke Mockridge was behind the dinosaur.

But this time Moschner was wrong. Because it was actually the 49-year-old singer and actor Sasha who slipped off his dinosaur disguise to first thank God and the world.

“The worst thing was that I had to lie to Ray so hard. He’s smart and always asked questions like ‘Well? What are you doing on Tuesday?’ and the like “, revealed Sasha, who had to perform again and because of grosser text weaknesses once again paid tribute to God and the world.

Did Dieter Bohlen take a load off his heart? Not the turtle alias Thomas Anders won “The Masked Singer”, but Dino Sasha. He won ahead of the female leopard.

Teaserbild: © ProSieben / Willi Weber

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