“The Masked Singer”: Sasha trickste Rea in der Live-Show aus


Singer Sasha is the fourth “The Masked Singer” winner. In an interview, he explains how difficult it was to hide from buddy Rea.

Singer Sasha (49, “Schl├╝sselkind”) prevailed on Tuesday night as the winner of the fourth “The Masked Singer” season (ProSieben). In an interview with the news agency spot on news, he talks about the very special challenges that his friendship with musician and rate team member Rea Garvey (47, “Hy Brasil”) had in store for him. He also reveals why, as the father of a small son, he was so enthusiastic about his dinosaur costume.

Congratulations on your victory. How are you now?

Sasha: Thank you! I’m exhausted and tired, but I’m really fine.

Did you still celebrate your victory?

Sasha: Unfortunately no, but I have the after-show party in my heart. Instead, I tried to sleep, which didn’t work out as well because I was so full of adrenaline. It was like after a great concert. After such a physical challenge you are on the one hand totally exhausted, on the other hand it rattles in your head incessantly. I went over the past six weeks and thought about how many songs and lyrics I learned. I would never have dreamed that I would win the show. All of that happened again in front of me like in the film and so I was still awake until shortly before three in the morning.

And did it start again at 6 o’clock?

Sasha: Well, to be honest, I actually overslept a bit. But I made it to “SAT.1 Breakfast TV” just in time (laughs).

Especially exciting in your case is of course this story about the friendship with musician Rea Garvey, who was part of the “The Masked Singer” rate team this season. Could you really keep your participation a secret from him?

Sasha: We know each other so well and have been on tour together so often, so he knows quite a few facets of my voice. Accordingly, he was already on the right track from program one, and from program three he said it publicly. No matter how much I could have disguised my voice, he just knows it too well to be completely fooled.

Didn’t he even ask?

Sasha: Of course he asked. The first time I just wrote back “very funny”. Once, I even tried to mislead him during a show after he’d checked a WhatsApp again. My assistant then answered him from my cell phone when I was performing. But of course that only solved the situation for the moment (laughs).

Conversely, would you have been a little offended if Rea hadn’t recognized you?

Sasha: No, definitely not. I actually thought that I pretended to be so good that he might have difficulties. Plus the costume. I’ve been on the rate team before and I know how changing your voice and dressing up can be misleading.

How hard was it to keep your family and other friends out of the game?

Sasha: Keeping the family out of the game was the hardest part of all. Nobody was allowed to know anything, except for my wife, who also does my management and therefore had to be involved. Of course, I couldn’t have kept it a secret from her anyway. But it was really difficult with Rea. Knowing there’s one of my best friends on the Rate team. That was actually a point that I thought about when deciding whether to go or not. One of my first questions was: is Rea’s turn? – The rate team was different in the third season. It quickly became clear: Oh no, it will be Rea! It’s going to be difficult …

What did your little son (born in November 2018) notice and how proud was he of the dinosaur?

Sasha: He’s exactly dinosaur age now, so of course I was thrilled when they suggested the costume to me. My son has not yet seen the show, he is still too young and goes to bed earlier. But I also think it would have been pretty confusing for him if he’d seen that. Because he already recognizes my voice on the radio, which I find quite fascinating. When my wife, my son and I sit in the car and a piece of me is played, he says “Dad, that’s you!” – I think that’s really awesome. I even always get a little wet eyes when I tell you that.

As the winner of “The Masked Singer” show you received a huge trophy. Can you take it home and if so, where will it be?

Sasha: The trophy that was on the show is the show trophy. My trophy, which I can take with me, is a bit smaller so that it also fits on the shelf (laughs). Although I’ve been a singer and entertainer professionally for so long, I’ve never been a fan of the presentation of awards and prizes. I never exhibited them in my apartment. Maybe it’s a bit of my Westphalian nature not to “pose” like that. But two years ago we moved into a new house and then my wife wanted a room as an office. So it makes sense that there are prizes to be seen there and the “The Masked Singer” award will join the others.

And how is your career going now?

Sasha: “The Masked Singer” was a great start to an exciting year for me. There will be new music from me in the next week or two. I’m also currently working on my biography, which should appear in the fall. In line with this, I developed a show with Thomas Hermanns that I hope to tour with in autumn 2022. In this one-man-show with music, I tell about my life, it becomes a kind of live performed biography. And then we’re still working on a TV show that will start this year or next. There is really a lot going on, which I’m really looking forward to …

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Masked Singer Sasha trickste Rea der LiveShow aus


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