“The Masked Singer” star Ross Antony: Big confusion: Why he suddenly had breasts


Ross Antony also showed that he is a bird of paradise on “The Masked Singer” – and not just on stage. His costume also caused confusion behind the scenes.

Also in the fourth season of the Pro-Sieben show “The Masked Singer” the guesswork was great again. The flamingo in particular sparked discussions. Because despite the feminine costume, the masculine voice caused irritation. Is there a man or a woman under there? Many viewers asked themselves that. In the finale, the big revelation: Ross Antony (46) appeared under the shrill masquerade. And the Bro’Sis singer had caused a lot of confusion backstage with his costume, as he said in an interview with “promiflash.de”.

The American edition of “The Masked Singer” also dominates the lavish costumes. You can find out which celebrity has already emerged in the video below.

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Ross Antony: “I even had to go to the women’s toilet!”

“At the beginning I had to present myself as a woman – I even had to go to the women’s toilet. That was really funny,” reveals the singer, amused. And The British’s bust also caused confusion. “I am glad that my breasts have become smaller and smaller over time. The more masculine I have sung, the smaller the breast size has become,” said the Schlager star. Small fun fact on the side: Even after his unmasking, Ross Antony continued to go to the ladies toilet “out of habit”.


The flamingo joins

“The Masked Singer”
The flamingo takes off
A new round of “The Masked Singer” starts on February 16th. ProSieben has now revealed another mask: The flamingo swings its plumage on the show.

Not an easy job: Ross Anthony unpacks about “hell”

For many of the candidates, the limited mobility caused by the costume and the elaborate mask represent major challenges. For the 46-year-old, it was mainly the high heels. “A huge respect to all women who walk around in high heels every day. That was hell for me,” he confesses in an interview. “My feet hurt so much that I have blisters under my soles. I’ve never had that in my life.” After all, for so much suffering there was a place in the final and a terrific third place.

Wherever the funny entertainer goes, he exudes joie de vivre and a good mood. But Ross Antony can also strike sad tones, as you can see in the emotional video below.

Touching reception with his beloved mother:

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Masked Singer star Ross Antony Big confusion suddenly breasts


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