The new face of the leader of the strong pride of lions


The 308 is one of the most important lions in the Peugeot pack: top seller and technology carrier in one model. The French brought the new, third generation to the curtain on Thursday.

The characterful design shows the new face of the brand: strong contours at the front, with standard LED light and the distinctive saber-toothed tiger daytime running lights. All kinds of sensors for the assistance systems are hidden under the new lion logo.

The offset windshield

The windshield, it seems, has moved back, and the bonnet looks elongated. In fact, Peugeot lengthened the new 308 by eleven centimeters (to 4.36 meters) and the wheelbase by 5.5 centimeters (2.67 meters). For this, the compact flattened by two centimeters to 1.44 meters. All in the name of dynamism.

The flat roof does, of course, have a load volume. Despite the longer vehicle length, the trunk volume was reduced to 412 liters (–8 liters compared to the predecessor) – including 28 liters of storage space under the double floor. With the rear seat backs folded down, 1323 liters can be stacked (+95 liters).

In the interior, the new iCockpit catches the eye: a small steering wheel, above which Peugeot positioned the cockpit display – including the ingenious 3D view. Technically, smartphones and infotainment systems merge: two mobile phones can be connected via Bluetooth, the mirror screen function – the smartphone screen is reflected on the 10-inch display – now works wirelessly. The start page can be configured individually.

The new 308 will come to Austria in October, and Peugeot will announce the prices in June.

The drives

Peugeot equips the 308 with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with 110 and 130 hp. The 1.5-liter four-cylinder diesel has an output of 130 hp. The two 130 hp variants can be combined with an 8-speed automatic converter, the basic equipment is a manual 6-speed gearbox.
The French also offer two plug-in hybrid drives with a system output of 225 and 180 hp. The electric range is 59 or 60 kilometers. Peugeot specifies 7.4 kW as the charging power.


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