The player who tested positive played: Corona chaos at SC Bern – the Bernese have to be quarantined again



The end of the qualification becomes more and more bizarre. After the Bielers are already in quarantine, SC Bern is also affected. Once again. The qualification is over for the SCB.

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Another SCB player has tested positive for the corona virus.

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For the Bernese this would mean: The 5th quarantine this season.

For the Bernese this would mean: The 5th quarantine this season.


Means: The final phase of the qualification is getting more and more strange.

Means: The final phase of the qualification is getting more and more strange.


  • The game of SC Bern against Geneva-Servette on Tuesday evening cannot take place.

  • Another player tested positive for Corona in the Berners in post-PCR tests.

  • The SCB is definitely in the pre-playoff.

The final phase of qualification is getting more and more curious. The EHC Biel not only reported corona cases, which is why games had to be canceled. No. The Swiss Ice Hockey League also decided that the point average for playoff participation now counts. This is because it is no longer possible to catch up on the games (qualification must be over on Easter Monday).

And if that weren’t enough clutter, the chaos continued on Tuesday afternoon. After Toni Rajala on Thursday and Michael Hügli on Friday, a third player from Biel tested positive in the CPR tests on Monday. The result: The games against the SCRJ Lakers (on Wednesday) and Ambri (on Thursday) will definitely not take place. And SC Bern reports that the evening game between Bern and Geneva-Servette cannot take place. After another SCB player tested positive for Covid-19 in post-PCR tests, the canton doctor decided that the Servette game would be postponed. And not only that. All remaining qualifying games of the Bernese are canceled.

Because: SC Bern, which is also mourning its club legend Max Sterchi, is again sent to quarantine. It will last until April 4th. And because a training day is required according to the league protocol, all remaining qualifying games with the participation of the Bernese are canceled. In short: The SCB will only be ready for action again in the pre-playoff, which begins on April 7th. And: the pre-playoff participation is sure to be with the Bernese. The point average of the clubs at the bottom of the table is not high enough. Whether the pre-playoffs can start as planned on Wednesday, April 7th, is being clarified.

  1. Zug – 2,29

  2. Lugano – 1,79

  3. Lausanne – 1,76

  4. Friborg-Gottéron – 1.75

  5. ZSC Lions – 1,69

  6. Geneva servette – 1.66

  7. EHC Biel – 1.63

  8. HC Davos – 1.54

  9. SC Bern – 1,16

  10. Raperswil-Jona Lakers – 1,10

  11. Ambri-Piotta – 0.97

  12. SCL Tigers – 0,64

Affected player stood on the ice

The PCR test was ordered by the Cantonal Medical Office after an SCB player and two staff members tested positive for the corona virus on Friday. Because the subsequent quick tests were negative for the rest of the team, the Bernese were still able to play against the ZSC Lions (2: 3 nP) and the SCL Tigers (5: 4). But then it turned out that the infection was the British mutation.

But what does that mean for the ZSC Lions? And the SCL Tigers? Was the player who has now tested positive on the ice? When asked for 20 minutes, Christian Dick, Head of Communication at SCB, said: “Yes.” But he immediately adds: “This situation has happened repeatedly in the current season. All the players on a team were tested negative, whereupon the license to play was issued by the relevant cantonal medical office. ”

When asked what that would mean for the SCL Tigers, Dick said: “That means that you have to be careful with the SCL Tigers. For example, the SCB found itself in the same situation after the cup game against Ajoie or after the championship game on January 2 in Lausanne. ”

Do you or does someone you know have problems with the corona time?

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