“The Rosenheim Cops”: Inspector Anton Stadler is back


Updated March 30, 2021, 3:41 pm

  • “The Rosenheim Cops” commissioner Anton Stadler, played by Dieter Fischer, had said goodbye to a long-term vacation in the past few episodes.
  • From Tuesday, March 30th, Fischer can be seen again in his familiar role.
  • In an interview, he explains what it was like to come back to the set.

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Inspector Anton Stadler, who has been with us since 2011, reports back to the “Rosenheim-Cops” (19:25, ZDF) in the penultimate episode of the current season on Tuesday (March 30th). He was on vacation in the popular early-evening series, but there was no question of actor Dieter Fischer himself. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, he explains why the 49-year-old was not seen in previous episodes.

His comeback episode airs the day before his 50th birthday. He also revealed how he will celebrate it. The final episode of the 20th season will air on April 6th.

You are finally returning to the “Rosenheim Cops”. What have you been doing in the meantime?

Dieter Fischer: I was never gone. In contrast to Anton Stadler, who was on vacation in the series, I worked through it. Due to Corona, shooting could not start until June last year. But 28 episodes had to be completed. As a result, it was sometimes shot with two teams at the same time.

Did you watch the episodes without your role? What was that feeling?

Yes, of course I saw the episodes. I think the Baran Hevi does it really well. [Baran Hevi (33) spielte acht Folgen lang Kommissar Kilian Kaya, Kommissar Stadlers Vertretung.]

What was it like getting back on set after the break?

Like every year, we were all in the normal winter break from December to February and started our winter film at the beginning of March. When you get to the set it’s like you’ve never been away.

Don’t be afraid of Corona: “I feel safe on the set”

How do you find filming under corona conditions? Have you got used to it by now?

It is a necessity. At first it was strange, but it all worked out very well. I feel safe on our set. Gaming does not suffer from it and that is the main thing.

You have been with the “Rosenheim Cops” for ten years now. What is your balance sheet? How was or is it celebrated?

For me it was a really wonderful year that passed frighteningly quickly. In some cases, deep friendships have developed, in front of and behind the camera. I see it as a gift when you can play a role that you like yourself for so long. But there is no celebration.

What was the funniest fan comment so far?

One time someone told me that I was very similar to the actor Dieter Fischer, but “I’m not entirely, but you could certainly double him well”.

Fischer on the death of Joseph Hannesschläger: “We miss Joseph”

What has been the biggest change for you and your role since the death of Joseph Hannesschläger (1962-2020), who could be seen as Chief Inspector Korbinian Hofer from season one until his death a little over a year ago?

There was no change for my role. The Stadler is still the Passau commissioner who is on duty in Rosenheim and the consequences in which he is present have already increased in the years before Joseph’s death. Whenever Joseph had to take a break due to illness, someone else took over and often it was me. We miss Joseph.

On March 30th you can be seen again with the “Rosenheim-Cops”. The day before your 50th birthday, of all places. Was it a gift from the production or is it a coincidence?

It is really pure coincidence.

How are you going to celebrate the birthday? And what does this number mean to you?

Very quiet and not just because of Corona. In my private life I avoid any hustle and bustle and especially around myself. The 50 is beautiful. It is a considerable amount of time to cover and 20 percent of that time I was with the “cops” and that makes me happy.
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He spent his last days in a hospice. Now Joseph Hannesschläger is dead. The Munich actor was only 57 years old.

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