The Sinking City: Cthulhu-Adventure von Steam entfernt


The copyright dispute between Frogwares and Nacon over The Sinking City continues. Today the game was removed from Steam. A French court should clarify the next steps.

After even Frogwares, the developers of The Sinking City, had called on the developers of The Sinking City not to buy the game on Steam in the past few days, the Lovecraft adventure (for testing) has now been withdrawn from circulation by Valve. Frogwares yesterday raised serious allegations via blog post against the publisher Nacon, who allegedly distributed a stolen and manipulated version on Steam without the consent of the developers (we report: The Sinking City: No peace between Nacon and Frogwares). Nacon, on the other hand, identified the Steam version as an official and legitimate copy.

Valve has since removed the game from Steam. In addition to the dispute between Nacon and Frogwares, more and more players were also complaining about the Steam version. Above all, there was a lack of features that were still included in the previous versions, but suddenly could no longer be found. Frogwares himself advised fans in a video message to avoid the current Steam version because it was not only stolen, but also changed for the benefit of Nacon.

The dispute between the publisher and the developer team began in August 2020 and is now even continuing in a French court. That should decide whether Nacon has the right to publish The Sinking City or whether this right is reserved for Frogwares. The game was removed from many stores last year because Frogwares stated that Nacon had violated the terms of the contract, embezzled money and even tried to hide the developers’ participation in the project.

The Sinking City – PS5 Release Trailer
Tomorrow, February 19, 2021, a specially optimized PS5 version of the Cthulhu title The Sinking City will appear somewhat surprisingly.

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Sinking City CthulhuAdventure von Steam entfernt


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