The stock exchange day on March 24, 2021


The climbs on Monday Dax, on Tuesday too – and on both trading days it initially starts with discounts: This picture could also be repeated in the middle of the week. However, economic worries are increasingly pushing their way back to the fore, which was particularly troubling for cyclicals such as the auto stocks on Tuesday. At the same time, the statements by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell are likely to take the markets away.

Stimuli from the economic side could make fresh data more diverse Purchasing manager indices deliver, for example from France, Germany, Great Britain or in the afternoon from the USA. The development of the US crude oil inventories move in light of recent price movements in the oil markets.

Newcomer to the stock exchange opens for the individual stocks Auto1 his books. Also Tradegate, Sixt and LPKF Laser present numbers.

Read here what slowed down and supported the German stock market yesterday.

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stock exchange day March


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