The stock exchange day: USA are preparing new tariffs against Germany


The stock market day
USA are preparing new tariffs against Germany

The USA is preparing special tariffs on aluminum sheets from 18 countries, including Germany, because of allegedly high subsidies and dumping prices. The country’s International Trade Commission had to finally approve this decision by mid-April, the US Department of Commerce announced on Tuesday. Anti-dumping measures or countervailing tariffs are then conceivable to compensate for the disadvantage for US producers.

The planned taxes are the result of an investigation that was initiated under the former US President Donald Trump. It was tried by just under a dozen aluminum producers in the USA, including Arconic and Aleris Rolled Products, who see themselves at a disadvantage due to what they consider to be cheap imports.

The new administration under US President Joe Biden has now come to the conclusion that imports from Germany in particular, which in 2019 had a volume of 287 million dollars (almost 238 million euros), were affected by dumping measures of 40 to 242 percent would have benefited. Countries like Bahrain and India have also benefited from sales prices that are well below local production costs because of high subsidies.

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stock exchange day USA preparing tariffs Germany


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