The sun shines here on the weekend


Does spring show up on the weekend? And where would you rather snuggle up on the sofa? In many regions, the sun drives the clouds away.

At the weekend, spring knocks again in many places. Large parts of Germany can look forward to lots of sun and blue skies. In some regions, however, it becomes more uncomfortable, there the cloud cover hardly changes. The prospects in detail:

On Friday there is a lot of sunshine in central and northern Germany. In the south, on the other hand, there are more clouds, and precipitation can occur at the edge of the Alps. There the thermometer shows maximum values ​​of up to 4 degrees. In Berlin it will be 6 degrees, in Bremen 7 degrees. The west comes up around 6 degrees. In the night to Saturday the temperatures in the northeast drop to minus 4 degrees, the roads can become slippery.

This is the weather on the weekend

Saturday it will be very sunny almost nationwide. Only in the north along the coast are some clouds, so it could rain in the meantime. The rest of the country remains dry. The temperatures are similar to Friday. It gets warmest with 10 degrees in southwest Freiburg. In Munich the temperatures remain at 4 degrees. In the north, the meteorologist Felix Schwienbacher from the DTN weather service expects 6 degrees. In Berlin the temperatures stay at 7 degrees.

On Sunday the cloud cover remains with the north. “It stays pretty overcast there all day,” says Schwienbacher. The middle and south of the country, on the other hand, can look forward to plenty of sunshine again. It stays dry there, only in the northeast there can be light showers. At night it gets really cold in the Thuringian Forest with minus 9 degrees. During the day, mild temperatures await the southwest: in Freiburg it will be 12 degrees. Munich comes to a cooler 8 degrees, it gets more uncomfortable in Berlin and Bremen with 5 degrees.

What will the weather be like at the beginning of the week? “More or less friendly,” predicts the meteorologist. There is a mix of sun and clouds. “But in the middle of the week it looks like heavier precipitation and strong gusts of wind.”

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sun shines weekend


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