The survival game will be implemented for PS4 and Xbox One in June


The survival adventure Green Hell (from 18,89€ at buy) should also put the survival skills of owners of older consoles to the test in the spring: According to, corresponding implementations for PS4 and Xbox One are planned for June 2021. Here are some key data for the PC version:
• Use real survival techniques (including fire pits, building camps and laying animal traps).
• Craft items that you need to survive (including weapons and tools).
• Find food (through hunting and farming).
• Wounds, illnesses, and other injuries need treatment if you are not to succumb to them.

The story of Green Hell pays special attention to the psychological aspects of survival in extreme conditions. You are not only fighting against the environment, but also for your sanity. Are you going to succeed or are you going to plunge into the depths of your own mind? To reveal the truth, you have to face the toughest fight you will ever fight: against yourself, your weaknesses and fears.

The Amazon rainforest is one of the richest natural environments in the world. Exotic, breathtaking, spectacular, colorful, noisy – but just as deadly, uncompromising and dangerous for the unprepared.
• Part of the Amazon rainforest was implemented virtually for the game.
• Dozens of plants and animals (mammals, reptiles, birds and insects).
• Simulation of the natural appearance and behavior of the animals.
• The environment changes dynamically depending on the weather.

Survival in such extreme conditions requires willpower – without it you can expect madness and death. In the green hell, your mental and physical health are inextricably linked. In the body inspection mode, you can take a close look at yourself and heal your body. Here you can also get rid of various parasites that want to settle in your body at home.
The psychophysical parameters include:
• Psychological condition
• Physical condition

• Setting: the deadly, beautiful Amazon rainforest
• Body inspection mode
• A rich fauna and flora with all their dangers
• The environment and situation have an impact on the psychology of the character.
• Changes in the environment affect the entire ecosystem.
• A compelling story
• The environment changes dynamically. ”

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