The third season will kick off on April 7, 2021


In Rocket League (ab 15,39€ at the third season will kick off on April 7, 2021. In connection with this, an update will also appear with which the DFH Stadium (racetrack) will be revised. “The classic arena was equipped with a race track and all the pomp that one can expect on a race Sunday at the track,” write the developers. The DFH Stadium (racetrack) will be available in the casual and competitive playlists and from the beginning of season 3 also for private and free games. A new Rocket Pass is also planned. In the Premium Pass version, you will be able to unlock the new Tyranno and more than 70 classes with new items.
Psyonix: “To honor motor racing properly, we’re bringing two synonyms for absolute speed into play: NASCAR and Formula 1. These two giants of racing will be driving their own packs in season 3 of Rocket League. Check out the season 3 trailer above the cars in all their glory and keep an eye out for more info on the release of NASCAR (early May) and F1 (mid-May) The Rocket League needed a new car that could keep up with the RPM marvels of NASCAR and Formula 1 and ours Engineers have worked hard in the workshop on the fine-tuning and the test drives of our own speed devil. New: Tyranno. In the Rocket Pass of season 3, this speedster is waiting for your driving talent with a Dominus hitbox. We will hold the full unveiling of the Rocket Pass next week ready for you! ”

With the start of the season, new rewards for competitive tournaments will be introduced and the next competitive season will begin. Competitive Season 2 rewards will be awarded shortly after Season 3 begins.

Last current video: Season 3 trailer

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